Why Digital Marketing is Important for Your Tech Start-Up


Why Digital Marketing is Important for Your Tech Start-Up

by ICC on December 18, 2020
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You’re in the tech sphere, so the most natural way to go is with digital marketing. Digital marketing combines all the elements that make it so relevant and so exciting. Digital marketing will naturally target tech consumers and will involve all aspects of social media involvement. 

From optimizing keywords, to knowledge of Google Analytics, and so on, the digital marketing sphere is the most logical way of marketing for everyone who uses the web as a buying and selling tool. 

Guest post for gaining visibility 

A guest post marketing the wares of your site and start-up is an excellent launching pad for you. You can get a tech guest post onto a site that markets your tech product and services. Go to GetPixie.com and get that post onto a high DA site quickly. 

Naturally, give it some valuable thought, and if needs be, get a writer in the tech space that knows all about SEO to do it for you. The main point about a guest post is that you build links to ace one of the Google algorithms to rank high. 

Reaching the target audience 

In yesteryear, people bought things from brick-and-mortar shops in the mall. That’s where people used to hang about. Today, while they still do that, more and more people are turning to online shopping and hanging about the internet and their social media devices. 

Most marketers are choosing to go online rather than use traditional means of marketing. Especially in the tech sphere, there is only one place to go, and that’s online.  

New start-ups have the audience they need right there. Now, they just have to get to them and the best way to do so is through content marketing, which includes text, videos and images, and live streaming, which has picked up considerably in the last couple of years. 

Brand image through social media 

All major social media platforms, like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, will play a major role in your digital marketing campaign. You will be doing a lot of writing for your website and for social media. Your blogs must be first-rate as the content is king.  

Each social media platform is different and requires different compositions. For instance, your Facebook ad won’t suit Pinterest and the text must be totally different and compelling. It’s quite a job but if you can work on it, you start building a fan base and garner likes and shares and even UGC, which helps you in building credibility in the market. 

Quick traffic through SEO and PPC 

Search Engine Optimization is everything that encompasses your online presence. This is what digital marketing is all about, to secure your ranking on Google and if you get it right, traffic heads for your site in droves. 

You may want to make use of online ads that work great on Facebook, Instagram and Google. This is where PPC (or Pay Per Click) comes in. This is where an advertiser pays a publisher each time an ad is clicked. It is a great way of recording how many clicks there were and if that ad is working or not.  

This will give you a fair idea of whether your RoI for online marketing is positive or not. If the ad spend you a good amount of traffic and final sales conversion, you should consider it a success. 

Brand building 

You can build a brand and establish a reputation quickly using digital marketing. You would never have been able to do this so quickly using traditional marketing. The fact is, the online world is so buzzy and exciting so that’s where most people are, most of the time. 

With the many arms of digital marketing, your brand can be number 1 in no time at all. You can also build your reputation quickly without going for trial-and-error runs that were commonplace in traditional marketing. Today, digital is durable and dynamic.