Things You Can Do Before or After the Roof Replacement


Things You Can Do Before or After the Roof Replacement

by ICC on March 22, 2020
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When the roofing company arrives to replace your roof, your property becomes a work zone and work zones can pose some unexpected hazards. 

Before roof replacement

Here are some of the things you should do before roof replacement. 

  1. Think about your children and pets

The work zone can be unsafe for children or pets. You need to explain to them that certain areas of your yard or home are out of bounds until the project is completed. You may be more comfortable staying with family or friends, especially if your children are still small.

  1. Relocate your vehicles

You will want to keep your vehicles a safe distance from your home until work is completed. If you’re looking for roofing contractors, Austin has many professionals you can call. Moving your vehicles away will allow them to keep their vehicles at hand for quick access to tools and materials. It will also give them the space they need to do their work. 

  1. Move patio furniture and grills away from the work area

It’s best to store items like potted plants, outside furniture and grills in a shed or garage until the work is completed. If you don’t have storage, you could put them in an area of your yard that’s a safe distance from the work zone. 

  1. Check your attic and garage

A reroof involves plenty of vibration and pounding so it can result in a lot of dust in your home. Before the roofers come in, check your attic and garage for items you don’t want to be exposed to the dust. 

  1. Identify accessible power outlets

The contractors will need access to power outlets and exterior ones are preferable. If you don’t have an outlet outside or in a garage, you may have to run an extension cord through a window. This can pose risks of tripping so it’s best to choose an outlet in an area that doesn’t get much foot traffic. 

  1. Remove antennas or satellite dishes

You need to remove any satellite dishes or antennas located on or near your roof. Call your provider to make arrangements before the work on your roof starts. 

  1. Talk to your neighbors

Let your neighbors know about the project and give them some idea of how long it will take. They will appreciate it and are less likely to complain about the noise and disruption because they can adjust their schedules and situations around it. 

After the contractors have completed your roof replacement, they will clean up after themselves. Once they have done, so there are a few things for you to do. 

After roof replacement

This is what you need to do after your roof has been replaced. 

  1. Inspect the roof

You will want to ensure that you’re happy with the workmanship. You should feel comfortable to call up the roofing team if you discover issues after they’re gone. Honest mistakes can happen, and professional roofers won’t have any problem fixing them.

  1. Check the driveway

There’s a chance that oil has been dripped, grass scuffed or the driveway has been marked in some way. If you notify roofing professionals right away, they should be happy to restore your driveway back to the way in which they found it. 

  1. Check for roofing tar or paint

Check window fixtures etc. to make sure no roofing tar or paint was spilled by accident. If you find marks, let the roofer know immediately so it can be cleaned. Trying to clean the marks yourself could cause damage to the exterior of your home.