The Best Choice for Outdoor Horse Arena Lighting


The Best Choice for Outdoor Horse Arena Lighting

by ICC on October 23, 2020
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You may think of horse arenas lighting such as lighting up a stadium – but it’s much more challenging and confusing if you don’t understand what you should avoid and what you should consider before installing the lights. Any mistake can be dangerous if the light isn’t set up the right way. It’s a threat to both the animals and the rider. In case you’ve installed the wrong lighting, it could cost you hundreds of dollars to replace it. Don’t worry; we are here to help you. Down below, you have a short guide to brighten up your horse arena. 

Shadows can be dangerous

The perfect lighting level for an outdoor riding arena may be hard to install. Lightings can be different, and you may want to find the best ones. But you should be aware of the shadows, which can be very dangerous and cause accidents. Any rider should know that eliminating any trace of shadows is important because it may confuse the animal and cause it to act impulsively. The right solution might be to position the lights as high as possible from the ground. It will soften the luminosity and ensure that there isn’t too much light or too dark. Also, make sure you arrange the light fixtures at a distance from each other to reduce shadows even more.

Using LED arena lights

You can choose to lighten the horse arena using solar power, a generator, or mains power. Or you could use led arena lights. They’re practical and often used for outdoor and indoor riding shows and sporting events. If you’re updating the arena’s lighting, make sure you choose suitable fixtures for the best performance. Horse arena lighting needs a professional designer for proper fixtures. Therefore, you’ll need to choose lighting that isn’t too dim or too bright or cause shadows. It would help if you considered some critical factors before choosing the horse arena lighting: safety, limited light trespass, and energy efficiency.  

Saves energy and costs

Finding an efficient solution for the arena lighting is important, as there are fixture technologies that can take up a lot of power. So, using led arena lights will greatly reduce energy consumption. It is ideal for this matter, as led lights are the most efficient on the market. They can last up for years until they will need replacement. This means that you will reduce operating costs and enjoy riding horses for much longer

Boosts riding experience

Another good reason why you should choose led lights is that it will boost your riding experience. Since they illuminate the entire arena, you’ll have better vision and not cause any annoyance for people who are watching you. It is important to have the right lighting design for your arena because it directly impacts the animal’s health. It must be a perfect balance so that it will not affect the vision of the animals or other viewers.