Leading Causes of Workplace Injuries in America


Leading Causes of Workplace Injuries in America

by ICC on February 25, 2020
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Worrying statistics reveal that at least ten people lose their lives as a result of workplace injuries each day in the United States. Countless others suffer injuries that range from mild to life-altering at work daily. 

Even though ten people dying a day is ten too many, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that the figure is much lower than that of 40 years ago. During the 1980s, as many as three dozen workers died each day. 

The sad fact is that many workplace injuries and fatalities are entirely preventable. OSHA says this is due to a failure to implement safety guidelines. 

Based on statistical data gathered by OSHA, these are the leading causes of workplace injuries in America: 


Electrocution remains one of the leading causes of injury or death in the construction and manufacturing injuries, say accident lawyers at USAttorneys.com. A person who survives electrocution often has severe burns that leave scars and may prevent the person from regaining full use of the affected area, especially the fingers. 

Chemicals, open flames, and hot surfaces are other causes of burns. Workers should wear the appropriate safety gear when they are performing their duties, and employers should post signs warning employees of any danger that could cause a burn injury. 

Traumatic brain injuries 

Falling or being struck by something can cause a traumatic brain injury (TBI), particularly when the head suffers injury. Workers who are trapped in machines or caught in a collapse of materials can also suffer a TBI. Paramedics should respond to the scene if there is even the slightest chance that the injured party has a TBI. The right treatment can prevent an exacerbation of that. 

A TBI can leave the injured person impaired or partially impaired. The brain controls so many bodily functions, like speech and walking, and they could be affected depending on which part of the brain is injured. It is entirely possible that an employee who suffers a TBI will be unable to return to the position they held before the accident. 

Broken bones 

Falling or being hit by an object can also result in broken bones, another leading cause of workplace injuries in America. Most serious but non-fatal workplace injuries in the workplace often cause a fracture or break to a bone, according to the experts at USAttorneys.com. 

During the recovery period, the worker must wear a plaster cast or brace to immobilize the bone, allowing it to knit and heal. Sometimes surgery becomes necessary, and the person has pins or plates inserted to help mend the break. 

This will prevent the worker from performing their regular employment duties. Broken bones that are not set and allowed to heal can cause permanent pain and the partial loss of use of the affected area. 

Repetitive stress injuries and overexertion 

Where a worker completes the same action multiple times each day, they are at risk of a repetitive stress injury (RSI). This can include problems with their feet, especially for workers who stand or walk each day or spend a lot of time moving up and down flights of stairs. 

Back and knee problems can result from the repetitive picking up and carrying of heavy objects. Office workers are not exempt from RSI either, as many develop carpal tunnel syndrome from working on a keyboard. 

While RSI is common, a worker can also suffer an injury from overexertion, such as pulling a muscle or straining a joint from picking up something too heavy. These injuries are, for the most part, minor, but there are cases in which a severe injury is incurred from the overexertion of performing a single action.