Innovative Marketing Ideas for Service Businesses


Innovative Marketing Ideas for Service Businesses

by ICC on July 19, 2020
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Service business owners will agree that marketing is much easier when you have a tangible product on offer. Advertising a service requires a different approach. However, local business owners have the advantage of being in closer contact with the communities they serve, allowing them to build sound customer relationships.

With a smaller pool of potential customers in the surrounding areas, a service business owner knows their target market and what they need. This allows them to tailor marketing strategies to suit their audience.

Here are some creative ways to market a service business.

Team up

Service businesses in a local community should aim to help boost each other’s business opportunities. Once you start looking at potential links, you can find many ways to co-operate with one another. 

For example, an accountant can work with a tax consultant, with each offering to market the other by offering referrals to clients. Construction companies can link up with landscapers, as clients might typically need both services in a similar period.

You can also take the initiative to create a service business network in your area. Set regular meetings where you pitch your business to others, swap information, and create new business connections.

Clever content creation

Search engine algorithms look for mentions of your business, including links to it online, and specific keywords, such as those users might type into the search bar. Using link building services and professionally researched SEO keywords is essential to maintain a robust online presence, according to SEO for Growth.

The content on your website and social media pages should be meaningful and informative. This attracts more customers to your business, and it also creates a favorable response from search engines. Given that most people look online when they need services, you need to ensure that your business is ranked at or near the top of local searches. 

Visual content

Kansas City SEO says that pictures, photographs, and videos can have a positive impact on search ranking. To do so, they must be relevant and tagged with SEO keywords that attract search engines and users alike. As to the keywords, most business owners will tell you to leave it to the experts to do the analysis and provide you with them.

Visual content is essential for your website and social media pages. Strategically placed images and videos attract the reader’s attention and keep them on your page longer. This extended visit time on the page is another vital search engine ranking criterion. 

It’s easy for product-based businesses to include images, but what about something intangible, such as a service? You can add pictures of your team at work or videos explaining aspects of your service to users. 

Teach others

Instead of videos showcasing a product, you’ll need to focus on what you do as a service business owner. For example, an attorney can include a short video about what to do if you are arrested. Users will find the video informative and are more likely to remember the lawyer’s name in an emergency. As the attorney, you have lost nothing by posting the video, as the client will still need your services and pay for them.

As a catering company, why not invite customers to a virtual cooking class, where they can join you from their kitchens as you show them how to prepare one of your videos? 

Accountants can host webinars featuring advice for business owners as the financial year comes to an end, while still marketing their services. By giving customers a glimpse of what you do, you make yourself more accessible and memorable.