How to Use Social Media for Traffic to B2B Sites


How to Use Social Media for Traffic to B2B Sites

by ICC on August 25, 2020
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B2B companies often sell products or services that may seem boring to uninitiated audiences. To get qualified traffic from social media, they need to use social media platforms their target audiences are using in a way that attracts their interest. Social media has to be about the audience and not just about the business. Here are some ways B2B companies can use social media to get traffic. 

Find an approach that will gain traction

B2B companies need to find a creative approach that will help them to gain traction on social media. As many of them are not inherently exciting, it often takes social media experts to utilize the power of social media for a B2B company. 

OpenGen Media, a demand generation agency for B2B tech companies to find the right social media approach in order to generate leads and scale growth. 

B2B companies do not want to discourage social media users with boring details but tailor content to appeal to them. One B2B company that may be considered boring but is succeeding on social media is Novartis, a pharmaceutical company. It has built a presence on Instagram, where it shares inspirational quotes and images. 

Develop a B2B social media plan

In order to develop a B2B social media plan, you need to set goals and follow a clear roadmap to reach them. This will involve finding your target audience and deciding what type of content to publish. 

It will also entail using social media metrics to measure your efforts. Having all of this documented will help to keep everyone on the same page and allow you to adjust your strategies if necessary. 

Offer the human touch

B2B companies often seem distant to consumers. Social media provides the perfect opportunity for them to humanize their brands. This may entail using strategies such as writing updates and posts in first person or using a specific person to post updates, tweet and write posts. 

Using social media is not just about posting status updates – it is all about shaping a brand’s voice and giving it a relatable identity. 

If a company posts tweets on Twitter that trigger emotions, followers are more likely to engage with content. Those that share behind-the-scenes videos on Instagram about work culture and office routines may encourage followers to visit a business website to learn more about it. Using hashtags allows people to easily find content and increases engagement. 

Engage through content marketing

A presence and engagement on social media has to come before leads. Leads are just a by-product of engagement. The way to engage people is through content marketing. A key part of a content marketing strategy is to know your target audience and create content that draws them in. Sharing useful content gives people a reason to follow social network profiles. 

B2B companies can also share tools or useful resources they feel their target customers would appreciate or articles about trending topics in the industry. It is important to start conversations with audiences in order to build relationships. It is these relationships that lead to increased traffic to a website and more leads to convert. 

Join LinkedIn

Each social media platform is different and serves different purposes. LinkedIn is a successful networking site for B2B companies. Professional connections are formed on LinkedIn and users are usually in work mode while browsing the site. 

They are more likely to want to interact with another company for business purposes. Simply by connecting and engaging with other professionals in the same industry, B2B companies can gain knowledge and learn from their experiences.