How to Kickstart an Influencer Career


How to Kickstart an Influencer Career

by ICC on September 25, 2020
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You can easily be mistaken into thinking that starting a social media influencer career is the easiest thing in the world. It’s not – it takes lots of hard work and dedication. Those follower numbers won’t grow overnight, and even though services such as tiktok promotion might be there to lend a hand, you’ll still have to do most of the heavy lifting on your own.

But don’t despair! The internet is chockfull of influencers, and with the current mores moving towards micro-influencers, there should be plenty of space for newcomers. Here are some of the steps that should help you on your way.

Understand Your Niche

With micro-influencers, the accent is very much on having solid influence over a lower audience number instead of having an incredible reach but not that much weight. To do that, you need to be aware of the type of niche where you want to work in.

Being an influencer is very much tied to being able to produce specific kinds of content. When picking your niche, you must choose one for which you can easily and consistently produce high-quality content. Choosing something that’s already your hobby and that you’re good at would work especially well.

Create Social Media Profiles

Everyone can create a profile on a social network. If you’re gunning to be an influencer, however, you’ll have to give your profiles a bit more attention than most people do. Every single channel that you choose for content distribution — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube – has a set of best practices when it comes to profile creation. You should adapt to each one of them.

Overall, you’ll want to have a couple of high-quality photos that will serve as profile pictures. It would also be useful if you had a bio handy, maybe a link to your website, and some ideas about the look and feel of your channel. You want your social media presence to be as personal to you as possible even before you start producing content.

Start Posting Content

It’s no secret that the first piece of content on an influencer’s account was probably created weeks, if not months before the profile was up. Content creation can be tedious— although you should choose a niche that makes it a fun process — and you want to have something to post as soon as your profiles go live.

The exact type of content you should create depends on your niche and the social networks you are using to build your influencer career. Most of it will probably be visual, so having a phone that’s capable of taking great pictures and taking awesome videos is a must. Knowing your way around filters and editing could be useful, too. And be prepared to write a thing or two somewhere down the line.

Engage Your Audience

As soon as you start seeing people follow you, you should have an audience engagement plan ready to kick in. Remember, unless you’re doing some aspirational thing that requires you to stay cold and distant, you will draw a lot of influence from being able to communicate with your audience online effectively.

Think about it as building a community. Try to find the people who will contribute to it the most and those who are your regular – and loyal – followers. They will be pillars of your community, and if you manage to develop good relationships with them, it can serve as a blueprint for engaging even more audience members. Act as if your ability to influence depends on your ability to communicate because the truth is — it does.