How to Get More Google Ad Conversions


How to Get More Google Ad Conversions

by ICC on June 17, 2020
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Businesses advertise on Google Ads or any other media platform for one reason: to optimize sales. To leverage Google Ad advantage profitably, you need to maximize conversion rate at the lowest cost possible for enhanced return on investment (ROI). 

That requires ads designed to attract, captivate, and prompt action for a successful conversion at first contact. Knowing what drives popular ads on Google Ads is key to getting leads, conversions, and savings on ad budget. Try some of these great tips on how to get more Google Ad conversions.

Lead with value-based CTAs

Customers look for value for their intended investment and this must be brought out clearly in the ad to help a customer decide. If you are creating an advert for roofer marketing agencies, include the number of percentage points in lead generation and subsequent conversion you will gain by engaging the services of SEO for Growth, a leading agency in Kansas City. 

This magic number is what adds value and makes your ad stand out. Now, do not stop there. Deploy a catchy CTA that uses persuasive wording like “try” “get,” or “buy” to move your customers from simple curiosity to action.

Social proof is king in online marketing

We all want to be where everyone seems to be. To leverage this customer psychology, use some statistics on reviews and past customer ratings to illustrate social proof and to create a need that can be converted. 

If so many are satisfied, it must be good. For a superior profile, it is not enough to simply say Rainscape Roofing is a roofing contractor in Kansas dealing in storm and hail damage repairs. Try adding the #1 rated roofing company in Kansas City for maximum effect with higher chances for conversion.

Optimize your click-through rate                               

Your objective is to maximize conversions from your ads at the lowest cost possible. This then means a prudent use of your pay-per-click marketing account to ensure prospects go beyond initial impression to clicking on your ad. A high CTR does not only improve and maintain your ad position but also earns you high-quality scores. 

To optimize your CTR, try using search ads and not rely on display alone. Identify searcher intent and apply branded keywords for greater visibility alongside major players in your industry. Use an enticing and emotional copy with softer CTAs to attract prospects.

Improve your Google Ads quality score

The life of your ad on Google depends on a sustained high or at least a good quality score. Quality score determines your ad’s stay on the sponsored page, at what position, and most importantly, how much it will cost you for each click. 

To improve your quality score, you need to address your ad relevance to searcher’s intentions and probable question. This, in turn, affects your CTR, ensuring a high number of clicks on your ad, a confirmation that the messaging is spot on. 

Pay special attention to your landing page experience for searchers by harmonizing it with the ad content for clarity. 

Optimize your landing page 

Your ad intends to lead the searcher to your landing page, which must offer seamless navigation. The customer must meet the same information on accessing the landing page to avoid confusion and abandoned searches. Use a simple landing page design with eye-friendly contrasting colors. 

Arrange all the key elements relevant to the ad at the top with simple navigation. Create simple but clear CTA buttons prominently displayed for ease of access and remember to include your contact information on the page for further communication.