Here’s What Domestic Travel Could Look Like in the Near Future


Here’s What Domestic Travel Could Look Like in the Near Future

by ICC on June 9, 2020
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The tourism sector as a whole is facing some tremendous challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic. Travelers will have to be confident that their health is protected to start feeling comfortable to travel again. There will need to be a shift to new health and safety regimes. 

If this can happen, the possibility of domestic travel opens up which can contribute very positively in many ways. It can offer hope as well as help to stimulate the tourism industry.

What is domestic travel?

Domestic travel is basically when people travel between different places within the same country. We are likely to see this becoming possible more quickly than seeing the world open up to international travel again. Many security measures that need to be taken when traveling internationally are not necessary when traveling domestically. 

Roadtrips not far from home

When people start traveling again, one of the safest ways to do it is to go on a road trip to a nearby location. You can’t go wrong by investing in some Monos Luggage when you’re planning a road trip. All Monos Luggage cases are vacuum-formed with an aerospace-grade material that is lightweight and nearly impossible to break.

You don’t have to stop anywhere en route to your destination and you can make sure the establishment you choose to stay at takes all the necessary health and safety measures. Most people would probably prefer vacation rentals over hotels, especially ones where they could prepare their own food. 

A new mindset

Many people admit that they don’t know their own country as well as they should and that they tend to spend their vacations in another country. Suddenly, they may find that a road trip to visit a nearby attraction and a stay at a vacation rental nearby sounds more appealing than it ever did before.

If you say you enjoy eating exotic foods and seeing different cultures, you can probably do that right within your own country. You may just gain a special appreciation for some of your country’s restaurants, museums and even for the heritage sites you’ve never visited before. 

Measures that could be taken on domestic flights

Travelers boarding a plane want to know that healthy safety systems and protocols are in place. Some factors that would have to be considered when resuming domestic flights would be mandatory screening of passengers, compulsory baggage sanitization measures for carry-on and checked-in luggage as well as strict social distancing and hygiene measures.  

Even with strict cleaning protocols in place, exchanging documents and touching surfaces while checking-in and going through security could present risks. The use of biometrics technologies and digital identity could help to restore trust but users would have to be convinced that their data would be protected. 

The demand for domestic travel will increase

Tourism recovery is likely to happen locally first. Travelers will tend to travel locally and take weekend getaways before venturing further afield and staying for longer. Drive-to destinations are likely to become popular. 

People say that they can’t predict what’s going to happen on a flight but they can get into their cars, drive for a few hours, arrange their own accommodation and stay there for a week or two.

If enough people were to start traveling domestically, it would help the devastated hospitality and tourism industry to recover. Once people become more comfortable with traveling locally, they are likely to continue to go further away from home, starting with domestic flights and then traveling internationally as the world opens up once again.