Effective Ways to Brand Your Business Online


Effective Ways to Brand Your Business Online

by ICC on August 26, 2018
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So, what’s the difference between your site and another one that converts well? It is your brand. Your brand is what you’ve built over time that resonates with a large number of readers who rely on your content. The key is time. As an example, how often do you trust a site that started only a few months ago compared to a well-known website that enjoys a large following and receives hundreds of thousands of new users daily?

Is the reason for the site’s popularity because it’s beautiful and colorful with amazing graphics? While it’s pleasing to the eyes and is technologically advanced, does it have content worth reading? Or, is the site one big sales pitch? I think you get my point. Your brand, the website design and its portrayal of trust, and the content of your site are the most critical aspects that keep your readers coming back. Don’t spoil it for them by trying to impress them with impressive graphics and nothing more.

Building a brand online involves many of the core principles as in a brick-and-mortar business. Customer service and relationship building blend with either type of business. Because of the massive number of online companies you are in competition with, to survive you need to establish trust right away, enlist the help of website developers and content writers to help with this as you only get one chance at a first impression.

The Strength of Social Media and SEO

Don’t underestimate social media and search engines and their power to influence. The reach of these combined is unfathomable, and a quick way to introduce your brand and to get some recognition in the minds of your audience is to develop a strategy to implement sensible campaigns to the billions of users who utilize these daily. A grand strategy can catapult brand awareness, especially if your product resonates with the masses.

However, tread lightly in this area. A poor strategy can backfire if you’re not prepared. If at any time a customer experiences less than desirable interactions with your company, a single post to social media or a review site could have disastrous effects. Look into utilizing social media management and SEO tools to improve your standing.

Your Brand and Their Perception

Over time, your customers begin to form an opinion of your company and how well it meets their needs. Not just after the initial contact, but trust builds over time and after many interactions with your company. As your customer begins to feel comfortable doing business with you, their faith and belief in you garner confidence that you are honest and worthy of their time and business.

As you build your brand, people develop a perception about you and start to trust you. If you are starting out, a well thought out logo design also helps solidify perception because of its meaning. A logo is similar to a first impression, in that it only takes a few seconds to form an opinion about your company. A well-researched logo helps continue the first impression by developing a strategy that keeps your logo in front of as many people as possible.


Consider the feeling of emotion that comes about when you recognize a brand with which you’re familiar. Immediately you know what to expect, and a particular emotion triggers a response. Maybe it’s loyalty from years of great experiences, or a feeling of pleasure because you know bought the best product on the market. Whatever the reason, brand recognition whether good or bad is at the root of our feelings about a company.

The better a customer feels about your company translates into promises made and promises kept. Your brand is your promise to your customers. However, it is a good idea to strategize about how to project the right emotion you would like your customers to feel about your company. Would that be excitement, youthfulness, or confidence, to name a few? The critical thing to remember is consistency. Keep projecting the same emotion, so customers make the connection with you.