The Best Naruto Games Every Gaming Fan Must Try

Naruto was such a successful anime series that several games were also created over the years. Most diehard fans have played them all, but for the uninitiated, there might be too many to chew through. 

As with anything in life, some titles were well worth the game-time while others could have spent a couple more months on the development side of things. However, if you are a Naruto fan, here are some of the best games… so far.

Naruto: Powerful Shippuden

There are times where Naruto seems airy and light with a bit of comedy, and other times it is as dark as they get. The games follow this recipe and where some are serious, others are not. Naruto: Powerful Shippuden falls in the former category with caricature animations and humoristic dialogue. 

The game was never intended to capture the seriousness of the series but rather attempted to depict the humorous side of things. With over 100 missions to complete, you will be in stitches half the time while fighting your way to the finish. 

The villains of the game are classic and know just how to make corny comments and quips to liven things up. All in all, whereas Naruto Shippuden filler percentage was quite high, this game is filled with laughs and quality gameplay. 

Naruto Shippuden: Naruto Vs. Sasuke

Designed and launched on the Nintendo DS, Naruto Shippuden: Naruto Vs. Sasuke is a side-scrolling action-adventure. Unlike the previous game, though, this one sees Naruto embark on a serious and dark adventure. 

According to fans, the fighting was engaging and the touch screen added a little bit of extra magic. The game has a fairly decent storyline. Although there are other better ones, it does not detract from the enjoyment of the game. 

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

After several attempts at a decent fighting game, Bandai Namco came out with a ripper of a fighting game. The graphics are intense and the fighting even better. Players have the opportunity to unlock and discover 72 different characters while they spend hours on this sandbox fighter. 

The fighting mechanics are easy to learn, but mastering them will take plenty of fighting hours. The fighting is fast-paced and addictive, but the single-player storyline is somewhat bland. The Awakening Transformations is a key feature that players hailed as something reminiscent of a Mortal Kombat fatality. 

Naruto: Broken Bond

After the mixed success of Naruto: Rise of Ninja, the sequel was created for the Xbox 360. The game surpassed its predecessor in all aspects, including story and originality. The creators went as far as incorporating the voice actors from the original series. Given the faithfulness to the anime genre, it came as a surprise to many that North American Companies were responsible for creating this little gem. 

The game included a roster of 30 characters and moved away from the 2D cutscenes that were prevalent in the first title. When it comes to sequels, there are not many titles that learn so much from the first round. 

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

The final entry of the Naruto Shippuden is by far the best and most involved of the franchise. The graphics are unsurpassed, mainly because the title was released on the PS4 and Xbox One and PC. This is not a typical fighter game as it has a deep storyline to complement the fighting. 

The battle system was completely revamped and gave players a whole new experience. The game was originally destined for the PS3, but the developers sought the advantages of the PS4s superior hardware. In the end, it paid off big time. 

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Teaching Your Kids to Care for the Dogs from an Early Age

It would be a better world if everyone would just care for animals more. After all, it was Mahatma Gandhi who said that the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it treats its animals

Maybe you’re not a great animal lover, but if you do decide to have pets, the least you can do is to teach your kids how to be kind and gentle to them and how to care for them from an early age. 

Bring out the best in your kids

Just like our kids, dogs are part of our families. If you bring a puppy into your home, a young child doesn’t yet possess the social skills to know what a puppy is feeling. You should explain to your child that they should always be gentle with a dog at all times and never poke a dog. 

Naming a dog can be great fun, too and Marvel dog names such as Wolverine, Thor, Rogue and Storm are just some names your kids might come up with for their new pet. Our Fit Pets is a wonderful website on ‘all things pets,’ informing pet owners how to ensure happy, healthy, respected pets with cool names. 

You’ll find valuable information on how kids can learn to care for and also appreciate all animals, especially the 4-legged family member right in their home. There is all kinds of useful information to guide parents on how kids should care for and treat their pets with kindness and respect. 

Caring for a sick dog

There are just so many benefits to owning a dog. You want to teach your child that a dog is a long-term commitment. Dogs will need care for 10 – 15 years and because they are social creatures, will require love and interaction not just when he is a cute puppy but when he is an adult too.

 You need to show your kids that just like they get sick and require special care, they need to recognize the signs that their pet is in pain or feeling under the weather. Encourage your child to come with you to the vet to show them the importance of getting their furry friend back to health again. 

It can be a good idea, with supervision, to allow your child to administer the medicine to your canine friend once or twice so that they can be a part of their dog’s progress to health again. 

Gentleness and respect

Kids should never be allowed to scream shrilly at any time, let alone around a tiny puppy and adult dog. 

A small child allowed to climb all over a ‘gentle giant’ of a dog, all the while with high-pitched screaming can frighten a dog, put him on edge and may even cause him to nip a child through sheer anxiety. It would be totally wrong to smack or strike out at the dog. 

Children need to be taught that animals require gentle, calm, consistent behavior around them. A dog is a living, feeling creature that will need care, love, exercise and looking after a puppy helps children learn responsibility.

Physical care

Caring for a dog helps a child understand the seasons of life – puppyhood to adulthood, the female dog in season, puppyhood, vaccines, spaying or neutering, illness and old age. 

Your child will discover the different types of foods that suit different seasons in a dog’s life and ensure their pet gets the right amount of food. Physical care includes fresh, cool water constantly available and a quiet, comfortable place to sleep.

Children will soon learn that having a beautiful puppy in the house isn’t only about seeing to his need, but he will provide plenty of opportunities for fun and entertainment and, of course, that unconditional love and friendship. 

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Why Replacing Old Gadgets is Better than a Repaired Item

If your laptop seems to be dying a slow death or is damaged, you have the choice between replacing it or buying a new one. This is a personal choice and might be constrained by your budget. However, there are some factors to consider before deciding to replace instead of opting for repairs:

There are ways to offset costs

When you look at the prices of new gadgets online or in a store, they might seem prohibitive if you are working on a strict budget. However, there is a way to reduce your spending, which is by selling your old gadget and using that money to replace it. Then you will only need to cover the cost of the difference between what you got for your old one and the price of a new one.

SellBroke is a company that specializes in buying laptops, phones, tablets, and other gadgets, even those that do not work. They pay market-related, fair prices and offer free shipping when you send your device to them.

Faults recur

Sending a device away for repairs might not always give you the desired result. Sometimes, gadgets come back and work for a while before breaking or malfunctioning again. If the warranty has run out, you are responsible for the costs of each trip to a repairer. In the long run, this could cost more than replacing your device with a new one.

For example, if your computer keeps having the same fault, such as not starting up properly, it could be repaired but commence with similar antics again. Sometimes, gadgets are defective for whatever reason, and no amount of repair is going to ensure that they work properly. It might be the wisest course of action to throw in the towel and spend some extra money on replacing it.

Repairs cost more as time passes

When it comes to older gadgets, repairs might become more costly as the repairer struggles to find the necessary components and parts because they are no longer manufactured. This could result in a repairer needing to utilize pre-used parts for a repair. There is no way of knowing how long these components will last before the problem recurs.

Sourcing such parts are also expensive as the demand might be high while supplies are limited. Therefore, the price of repairing the gadget might be higher than replacing it with a newer model.

Check if your upgrade is really an upgrade

That a gadget is new does not make it an upgrade. If you are giving up on having a working iPhone X for an iPhone 7, this is not an upgrade. While it might cost the same amount to have your current phone fixed as it would to buy another, would this one suit your needs?

However, the converse could also apply. If you like a cellphone model even though its specs are not better, that does not really matter if the device is what you want and meets your needs.

Newer gadgets are more efficient

Your old laptop probably takes ages to charge, and the battery does not last as long as it used to. A new laptop will eliminate this problem. Additionally, today’s tech is designed to be more efficient. Therefore, a laptop battery will work longer and not require as much charging due to advances made in computer equipment efficiency.

This is an important factor to consider when holding the inner replace vs. repair debate with yourself. Newer models of tech products are more environment-friendly. And much of your old gadget will be recycled and harm to the planet thereby reduced.

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5 Ways to Improve the Management of Your Supply Chain

The supply chain is one of the most important aspects of any business. Enhancing its efficiency, productivity, and performance can lead to a lot of positive implications on your bottom line. 

For this reason, companies need to develop the required supply chain management capabilities to optimize the whole process. 

Here are a few quick tips to consider right now:


  • Build an Optimized Roadmap


It’s highly recommended to develop and implement a roadmap to fully optimize your supply chain in the long run. 

Start by first retaining a primary optimization strategy and its implementation plan. 

Secondly, look at possible partnerships that may help you reach those goals. Finally, develop capacity within players in the supply chain to help optimize the process even further.


  • Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership 


Total Cost of Ownership or TCO is a series of concepts that can help a company establish the various components in the business process that determine the cost of procuring, holding, and selling certain products. This is integral in optimizing processes to reduce costs. 

In this type of analysis, all supply chain costs are considered including hidden costs. A TCO approach can be invaluable in understanding and measuring total supply chain costs, something that can ultimately influence decisions that benefit the business. 

You can check out Specright for more on this.


  • Make a Risk Management Plan 


Supply chains face a wide range of risks. For example, natural disasters may significantly affect supply chain efficiency. It’s, therefore, prudent to ensure you have a mitigation strategy to deal with these risks. 

This will help you either prevent or minimize the impacts of supply chain disruptions down the line. There are four main elements in a risk management strategy. 

They include identification of risks, assessment of said risks, proposed action, and monitoring and evaluation of outputs.


  • Have a Versatile Management Strategy


The supply chain is a very dynamic thing and it will keep changing depending on the circumstances in the marketplace. 

This is why your management strategy cannot be static. It’s incumbent upon all supply chain managers to track trends and gather enough data to measure any changes in the supply chain system. This will then help them develop strategies that adapt to these changes. 

After all, changes are constant in any space. What worked yesterday may not work today. Clinging on to older solutions when facing new challenges can cost you in the long run. 

In that case, always be aware of any dynamics in your supply chain and create a system of feedback that keeps you up to date with whatever changes are happening. 

  1. Optimize the Supply Chain 

MEP stands for Manufacturing Extension Partnership and it’s a form of service that helps companies optimize supply chains. 

It provides manufacturers and businesses with additional expertise to increase efficiency in supply chain management. This then plays a key role in improving profits and reducing costs.

Supply chain management and optimization are essential in expanding profits and reducing costs for any business. But it takes a combination of many things, some of which we have listed above.

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How to Stay in Good Mental and Physical Health After Retirement

Retirement often comes with mixed feelings – a sense of freedom and excitement may be accompanied by uncertainty and increasing health problems. Older adults want to live longer but they also want to stay well physically and mentally. 

Their independence is precious to them and the idea of becoming dependent on others is difficult. To ensure their overall good health, it is very important to take the following steps.  

Identify and treat health problems

One factor that can seriously affect any retirement plans is ill health. Early diagnosis of health problems, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or high blood sugar, makes treatment possible and can prevent more serious problems from occurring later on. The out-of-pocket expenses can be high when identifying and treating health problems and supplemental insurance plans can help to fill the gaps. 

Medicare Plan G is a popular plan offered by Medicare Plan G Organization. It offers the most coverage and enables retirees to save money on their healthcare. Plan G covers most of the medical expenses Original Medicare classifies as supplemental.  

Exercise to promote overall good health

Exercise helps older adults to feel good, function well and sleep better. It also reduces their risks of many of the chronic diseases that develop with age and improves muscle strength so they can keep doing their daily activities without depending on others. 

CDC guidelines suggest doing at least 150 minutes per week of moderate aerobic exercise and doing muscle-strengthening activities on two days of the week. If older adults are unable to do 150 minutes per week due to chronic conditions, they need to do as much physical activity as their conditions allow.  

Socialize to prevent loneliness

Retirees may become isolated socially as work friendships fade and a lack of socialization can negatively impact health and mental well being. Many people over the age of 65 live alone

To help ward off any mental health issues, like depression and anxiety, it is vital for retirees to keep in touch with family, plan social engagements with friends, and engage in stimulating activities with others. 

Joining a writing club, book club, dancing lessons, art lessons or singing in a choir are all good ways to get out and explore interests as well as form friendships at the same time.  

Learn a new skill to boost cognitive function

It is never too late in life to learn something new. Learning a new skill not only boosts cognitive function but offers a feeling of accomplishment. Perhaps someone has always wanted to play a musical instrument or learn to speak a certain language. Retirement offers the opportunity to spend time developing skills that may have been latent for many years while working. 

Challenging the brain helps to prevent memory loss and cognitive decline. Taking up chess, doing crossword puzzles, playing a new game or pursuing a new hobby can all help to stimulate the brain and improve mental health. 

Give back to the community

There are countless charities that appreciate a helping hand from volunteers. Older adults can experience great benefits from volunteering for organizations with causes that are close to their hearts, from those which feed the needy to those which care for the environment. Many who love animals enjoy volunteering for animal rescue organizations.  

Volunteering not only makes retirees realize they can make a difference but also gives them the opportunity to get out and make new friends. They often experience significant benefits when volunteering, including being happier, experiencing greater life satisfaction, and having a strong social network.  

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How to Reduce Air Conditioner Power Consumption

There is no denying that an air conditioner is a demanding energy consumer. Obviously then, if you want an air conditioner, you have to consider your choice carefully and take a look at its energy consumption. 


An energy efficiency label will be shown on the air-con and it will provide important information on the energy efficiency rating as well as its projected yearly energy consumption. We take a look at ways you can reduce the power consumption of your air-con.


Aircon maintenance


Regular maintenance is important for your PTAC unit and cleaning the parts and replacing worn parts will make your system run more efficiently. This is also if you want to prevent costly repairs further down the line. 


In fact, not only do they need to be cleaned regularly, but disinfected as well, especially with the coronavirus. Preventative maintenance with these air-cons will allow owners of the air-cons to see problems in advance, repair them and save energy. 


Studies reveal that your unit will maintain up to 95% of its original efficiency. Filters, particularly, can become blocked with dust, slowing your system down and causing it to use more power. 


Retrofit your current A/C unit


It is possible to upgrade parts on your old unit if you want it to be more efficient. A refurbished PTAC units supplier that supplies quality parts can be useful for when you can’t afford to upgrade to a new, costlier system. 


You can reduce aircon power consumption by replacing the compressor, for instance. Getting an air conditioner repaired, however, can be a costly business, having the thing dismantled, cleaned, repaired and transported. Certainly, if regular breakdowns are becoming too frequent, you may want to explore a new air-con unit. 


Corrosion protection


The weather can actually play havoc with your PTAC air conditioner. Weather-related corrosion can negatively impact the performance of the cooling system. Some material-coatings can help in decreasing corrosion from salt and moisture so that energy performance can be enhanced. 


Your aircon technician will also tell you that energy performance can further be enhanced by substituting stainless steel for copper in the design of outdoor coils. 


Think out of the box


If you’re in the market to replace your air conditioner, shop around a bit before you automatically settle on the same system that you’ve always used. Yes, a new one will always be more energy-efficient, but you can actually reduce energy consumption even further with something like VRF – Variable Refrigerant Flow. This is a system that adjusts to run at only the capacity needed for the current conditions. 


As it is, it controls different areas in a building. This sophisticated VRF technology can provide cooling and heating, as well as both simultaneously in different areas. They’re quiet and energy-efficient with the variable-speed compressor running only at the capacity needed for the current conditions. 


Look out for the latest technology


The kWh figure for the annual energy consumption is to help buyers calculate how much it will cost to run the air conditioner in the year. You just have to remember that people use air-cons differently and the energy usage will vary.


Enhancements to these packaged terminal air conditioners not only ensures hotel guests enjoy supreme comfort, but energy usage is reduced. Hoteliers should look for the best technology – drain kits and two-fan systems as examples. It makes sense that if no-one is using a room, the aircon should be switched off to avoid wasting energy. Only turn it on again when the room is occupied. 

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Helping Aging Parents with Finances

Financial struggles are common for the elderly. Many seniors rely on small social security checks to get by, often sacrificing much-needed medical care or other necessities just to make ends meet.

Proper financial planning can go a long way towards making seniors financially solvent. To accomplish a workable financial plan, many rely on their children for help.

If your mother or father faces financial challenges, as many seniors do, here are a few tips for helping keep them on track money-wise.

Helping Cover Care Expenses

In home care is a better option for many seniors for a couple of important reasons. First, hiring an experienced caregiver for a few hours each week to help with household chores is much more affordable than a retirement or nursing home bill. Secondly, many seniors want to stay in their homes for as long as possible.

One study that examined the relationship between loneliness and functional decline found that seniors who have regular interaction with loved ones or home helpers live longer, happier, more productive lives in retirement than others.

Finding the right caregiver who is dependable and responsible can not only help seniors keep up on their home maintenance, but can also provide some much-needed company. This is especially important for seniors who live alone.

Preventing Financial Abuse

One of the most common financial problems for seniors is that predators often see them as soft targets for exploitation. Because many seniors live in isolation, perpetrators of financial crimes often use this weakness against them by pretending to be friendly, establishing a rapport that they will later exploit at the senior’s expense.

Examples of financial scams commonly used to target seniors include health insurance fraud, telemarketing schemes, and the so-called “grandparent scam” where the caller assumes the identity of a struggling family member who needs financial assistance.

As the son or daughter, monitoring your parent’s social activity can help prevent them from falling victim to these types of crimes.

Managing Fixed Incomes

Many elderly do not have the ability or opportunity to supplement their meager incomes with money from part-time work or through other means. Therefore, maximizing the impact of all the available resources on a fixed income is crucial.

Managing Healthcare Costs

The biggest type of expense for seniors is often medical. Even with Medicare, the elderly often end up spending lots of money out-of-pocket for much-needed care. According to the National Center for Policy Analysis, the average senior spends $4,900 each year on out-of-pocket expenses even with Medicare. Even worse, the cost of healthcare for the elderly increases every year with no accompanying increase in financial resources.

Working with your parents to plan accordingly can help reduce the burden of medical costs. A few ways to reduce these costs include:

  • Opting for less expensive generic medicines when they are available.
  • Getting routine health checks to detect small problems before they become bigger (and, hence, more expensive).
  • Always choosing in-network providers.
  • Stay on top of proper nutrition to help prevent new health issues.

The Bottom Line on Helping Aging Parents with Finances

Many aging parents require assistance from their children in terms of managing money. Follow these tips to help keep your parents financially stable and healthy for years to come.

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The Thrilling Experience of Mountain Climbing

There is a very good reason why mountain climbing is often used as a metaphor for taking up a challenge and achieving success. There’s no greater satisfaction than pushing through your pain and scaling a summit. 

An active adventure challenge in nature releases an adrenaline rush that positively affects your body and a chemical cocktail that makes you feel exhilarated and happy. 

You may start out by climbing a small mountain and love the experience so much that you seek out greater and greater challenges. Before you know it, you end up spending every free second planning and training to accomplish your big mountain dreams. 

Physical preparation

Any experienced mountain climber does not take unnecessary risks and so preparation is part of the process. 

Activities like cycling, running and swimming can prepare you as they enhance your cardiovascular system. Weight lifting, step climbers and weight training will prepare your leg muscles and give you upper body strength to help you climb steep ascents. 

If you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, you will need to practice on less challenging mountains. Put a backpack on and head off to your closest mountain so you develop the stamina you need for long climbs. Cardio and general tolerance to exposure are crucial for mountain climbing so hiking is a great way to begin. 

Perhaps you have a dream to summit Africa’s highest mountain. From the moment you make contact with Climbing Kilimanjaro, you will speak to someone who has actual expertise on Mount Kilimanjaro. You’ll feel confident that you’re in the hands of a safe, experienced operator and that you have access to all the information you need to help you prepare. 

Mental preparation

While climbing mountains requires some physical preparation, you also need to be mentally and emotionally prepared. As you climb, you’re likely to undergo extended discomfort and experience situations you don’t encounter in your daily life. 

You need to prepare yourself by learning more about the mountain you want to climb, testing your gear and becoming confident in your ability to achieve your ultimate goal. 


Altitude is a totally different element that needs careful consideration and preparation. People react differently to a lack of oxygen so this is an important factor to take into account when deciding on your next mountain climbing adventure. 

For example, taking seven and eight-day trips to climb Kilimanjaro will help you to acclimatize and enjoy your mountain experience in a safer way than if you try to do it in five days. 

The rewards

When you climb mountains, you experience rewards that make any physical hardships fade into insignificance. The sheer vastness, captivating scenery and mystical appeal are a great reward. Climb to the summit and you experience the thrill of accomplishment. Mountain climbing is an adventure that can help you manage your moods and feel a sense of happiness.

You don’t always have to climb the highest mountains. If you have less time and money, you can always go on shorter excursions. These will help to prepare you for a time when you may be able to conquer the bigger ones. 

Despite the thrill, climbing mountains has its share of demands. It helps if you’re prepared both physically and mentally and follow the safety tips. This frees you to enjoy the splendor, overcome any challenges and feel on top of the world when you’ve scaled the mountain and reached the top. 

Mountain climbing provides a great way to escape the stresses of daily life for a while. Forget about your overloaded inbox, deadlines and balance sheets. You may have to overcome some discomfort and even pain, but you come away from the experience while feeling exhilarated and refreshed. 

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Things You Can Do Before or After the Roof Replacement

When the roofing company arrives to replace your roof, your property becomes a work zone and work zones can pose some unexpected hazards. 

Before roof replacement

Here are some of the things you should do before roof replacement. 

  1. Think about your children and pets

The work zone can be unsafe for children or pets. You need to explain to them that certain areas of your yard or home are out of bounds until the project is completed. You may be more comfortable staying with family or friends, especially if your children are still small.

  1. Relocate your vehicles

You will want to keep your vehicles a safe distance from your home until work is completed. If you’re looking for roofing contractors, Austin has many professionals you can call. Moving your vehicles away will allow them to keep their vehicles at hand for quick access to tools and materials. It will also give them the space they need to do their work. 

  1. Move patio furniture and grills away from the work area

It’s best to store items like potted plants, outside furniture and grills in a shed or garage until the work is completed. If you don’t have storage, you could put them in an area of your yard that’s a safe distance from the work zone. 

  1. Check your attic and garage

A reroof involves plenty of vibration and pounding so it can result in a lot of dust in your home. Before the roofers come in, check your attic and garage for items you don’t want to be exposed to the dust. 

  1. Identify accessible power outlets

The contractors will need access to power outlets and exterior ones are preferable. If you don’t have an outlet outside or in a garage, you may have to run an extension cord through a window. This can pose risks of tripping so it’s best to choose an outlet in an area that doesn’t get much foot traffic. 

  1. Remove antennas or satellite dishes

You need to remove any satellite dishes or antennas located on or near your roof. Call your provider to make arrangements before the work on your roof starts. 

  1. Talk to your neighbors

Let your neighbors know about the project and give them some idea of how long it will take. They will appreciate it and are less likely to complain about the noise and disruption because they can adjust their schedules and situations around it. 

After the contractors have completed your roof replacement, they will clean up after themselves. Once they have done, so there are a few things for you to do. 

After roof replacement

This is what you need to do after your roof has been replaced. 

  1. Inspect the roof

You will want to ensure that you’re happy with the workmanship. You should feel comfortable to call up the roofing team if you discover issues after they’re gone. Honest mistakes can happen, and professional roofers won’t have any problem fixing them.

  1. Check the driveway

There’s a chance that oil has been dripped, grass scuffed or the driveway has been marked in some way. If you notify roofing professionals right away, they should be happy to restore your driveway back to the way in which they found it. 

  1. Check for roofing tar or paint

Check window fixtures etc. to make sure no roofing tar or paint was spilled by accident. If you find marks, let the roofer know immediately so it can be cleaned. Trying to clean the marks yourself could cause damage to the exterior of your home. 

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5 Costliest Small Business Claims

Small businesses face a number of challenges and obstacles each year. Sometimes, those challenges require the business to file an insurance claim. Four out of 10 small businesses will likely face a property or general liability claim in the next decade, according to a review of The Hartford’s small business claims.

1. Burglary and Theft

Burglary and theft account for about 20% of all small business claims, and this costs businesses $8,000 per claim.

Small businesses can help minimize the risk of theft by:

  • Conducting background checks when hiring employees
  • Installing surveillance systems
  • Adding fencing
  • Installing sufficient exterior and interior lighting

There’s no surefire way to prevent theft and burglary, but implementing adequate security measures can help greatly reduce the risk.

The cost of a theft claim may not be substantial, but if several thefts occur over a short period of time, these claims could easily bankrupt a business.

2. Fire Damage

Fire claims are one of the most common and costliest claims among small businesses. They account for 10% of claims, and cost $35,000 on average.

Businesses can help prevent fires by:

  • Testing all fire detection and suppression equipment
  • Ensuring your building meets local and national fire codes.
  • Establishing an emergency preparedness plan, which includes fire evacuation routes

Fire damage is costly, but cleaning up the damage also takes a great deal of time.

3. Customer Slip and Fall/Injury

Businesses have a duty to ensure that their properties are in reasonable repair and must also warn visitors and occupants of dangerous conditions. Failure to warn of dangerous conditions or neglecting a dangerous condition could lead to a slip and fall injury.

Customer injury and damages can cost businesses thousands of dollars.

  • Customer slips and falls account for 10% of claims and costs $20,000 on average.
  • Customer damage and injury account for less than 5% of claims and costs $30,000 on average.
  • Product liability accounts for less than 5% of claims and costs $35,000 on average.

Customer injury and damages can have a ripple effect, damaging a company’s reputation along the way. The same effect can occur with a product liability claim.

When customers lose trust in a business, it can be difficult for the company to keep its doors open.

4. Vehicle Accidents

Some small businesses have company vehicles and require employees to travel as part of their scope of employment. These businesses have to worry about the risk of vehicle accident claims.

Vehicle accident claims account for less than 5% of claims, but they cost $45,000 on average.

Businesses can reduce the risk of these claims by:

  • Screening employee driving records before allowing them to drive a company vehicle.
  • Not providing incentives for speedy deliveries.
  • Investing in defensive driver training for employees.

Not every small business has to worry about vehicle accident claims, but those that do face great financial risk.

5. Reputational Harm

Reputational harm claims are among the costliest for small businesses, although they account for only a small percentage of claims (less than 5%). On average, a reputational harm claim costs a small business $50,000.

If a lawsuit is involved, the cost of a claim can be much higher, averaging $75,000 or more per case.

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