5 Simple HVAC Maintenance Tips to Relieve Seasonal Allergies

When spring comes with its warmer temperatures and pollen counts go up, many people who suffer from seasonal allergies battle with nasal congestion, itchy eyes and sneezing. Air conditioning can help with allergies through temperature and humidity control, as well as air filtering. 

However, it can actually worsen allergies if it isn’t properly cared for. For instance, leaking ductwork leads to mold, which is a major irritant for many allergy sufferers. The good news is that some simple HVAC maintenance tips can help to reduce seasonal allergy symptoms.

  1. Regular servicing and maintenance is essential 

Spring is the perfect time to give your HVAC a yearly once-over to make sure it is functioning at its best. The professional technicians of 5 Star Repair Services that offer AC repair Houston can keep it running properly and give you tips on how to improve the air quality in your home. 

Something you can take care of yourself is to check filters every month and replace them as soon as they appear dirty. Regularly replacing filters can go a long way towards ensuring good air quality.

  1. A good air filter is your main defense

All air filters are assigned a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV). The rating indicates the ability of the filter to remove particles of various sizes from the air. Allergy sufferers need to go for one with a MERV rating of at least eight. These filters are designed to collect microscopic particles as small as three microns from the air. 

Those who suffer severely from allergies can also use electrostatic filters that use an electric charge to attract contaminants. They can be washed and used again. 

High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters (HEPA filters) are often used in hospitals where people may be suffering from compromised immune systems. They are made of thin glass fibers and can remove 99.97% of allergens and contaminants. 

  1. Check for mold and get rid of it

Mold loves humid, moist environments and can aggravate symptoms of respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies. If humidity levels in the home are properly controlled, this can prevent the growth of mold. 

You need to inspect your HVAC system regularly for any signs of mold. This includes areas such as the ducts, drip pan and drain, evaporator coils, and air handler. You may be able to handle small amounts of mold yourself but you should call in a professional mold remediation service if it’s more extensive. 

  1. Don’t forget to dust registers and vents

Even homeowners who are conscientious about dusting may forget to dust registers and air vents. Mold, dust and dust mites can live in the vents, including the register and return vents. The problem is that this gets pulled into the system and circulated throughout your home. 

To prevent this from happening, turn off the unit and use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to suck up any dirt, dust or debris. Use a damp cloth to wipe off any remaining dust, so you don’t kick it up and make your allergies worse. 

  1. Pay attention to the outside unit

Evaporative air conditioning systems pull air from outside, cool it, and then release it into the home. This means that the quality of air that circulates in your home is affected by what surrounds your outside unit. 

An outside unit with any tree branches or plants growing too close may result in problems. You need to remove any debris that could prevent the unit from functioning efficiently, such as twigs, grass, dirt and more. 

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How to Sell Your Business to a Competitor without Getting Burned

When you sell to a competitor, it can be risky because you have to disclose certain vital business information. To protect yourself, you need to go about it strategically. There’s a fine balance to what you should reveal to get the best price while minimizing your risks at the same time. Here are some ways to avoid getting burned when selling to a competitor. 

Make sure you’re ready to sell

If you approach a competitor, you need to know the value of your business and potentially be ready to walk away if the price isn’t right. You also need to make sure your business is ready for a sale by preparing all the necessary documents. 

Business assessments include acquisition “diligence” preparedness to help companies reduce any risk when selling a business. Peterson Acquisitions will help you with the due diligence that is the first part of any contemplated sale and is the formal process where each party examines the ability of the other party to deliver on what is promised. This helps to prevent any surprises, on either side, once the deal is done. 

Put protective agreements in place

Your first step should be getting a potential buyer to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This means they must keep the information you share confidential and if they don’t, you can take legal action. 

Once the NDA is in place, you can start talking about your gross revenue, product lines, geographical footprint etc. A good NDA will prevent buyers from doing things such as soliciting your employees, your customers or your vendors. If a sale doesn’t go through, you don’t want a buyer to use your customers to grow their competing business. 

Set business buyer expectations

If you clearly communicate to any potential buyers that you will be using a small business M&A firm to assist you with the process, competitors will take note that they won’t be able to take advantage of you. Firms like Peterson Acquisitions have plenty of experience in assisting businesses to sell to competitors and can avoid the pitfalls. 

Those within the same business or industry sector may be using the premise of a business purchase to learn more about the inner workings of your business. But competitors who are not really serious about buying are likely to fall away when they know you’re being assisted by experts. 

Ask questions

It is acceptable to ask buyers why they want to buy your business and their objectives. You can find out whether they have the capital to buy your business and how they would finance the business acquisition. 

You can also ask whether they have ever bought any other businesses in the past and how this turned out. You can find out what conditions your business has to meet for a sale to take place. If you don’t meet them, there is no point in negotiating. 

Progressively disclose more information

Even if you have protective agreements in place, you shouldn’t ever give too much information too quickly. For instance, it is wise to withhold your customer list until after the transaction is complete. You can provide the buyer with the number of active customers, without giving names and contact information. 

When you’re considering selling to a competitor, you need to think twice before divulging proprietary technologies, trade secrets and intellectual property. Buyers do have a right to look at all the inner workings of the business before signing a purchase agreement. However, this should happen on your terms and you should be driving the process. 

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6 tips for closing deals while working remotely

The fast-paced 21st century is witnessing profound changes across all industries, including the business sector. As the modern market evolves, various things have to change, and firms have to adopt new strategies to maintain and improve their brands. One of the factors affecting the industry is working remotely.

Working remotely is not a new culture and has provided several people with income even before the covid-19 pandemic. Today, many people are embracing remote selling on a full-time basis. Remote sale involves more than just changing your work environment and schedule. It involves having to communicate with prospects through virtual mediums like emails, chats, phones, and video calls. A salesperson would meet with prospects occasionally.

Since remotes salespeople don’t rely much on personal appeal and facial expressions, the latest equipment and tech makes remote selling easier. You are able to communicate with clients and workers using modern systems. Here are tips on how to close deals while working remotely.

  1. Adapt to your sales process and routine

How you have handled your clients before is an integral part of determining your success. Adapting to your unique way of interacting with prospects will help you improve on your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths. For example, if you use your phone most of the time in closing deals, learn how to improve your communication and interpersonal skills.

  1. Learn how to deal with obstacles

Selling remotely and selling face-to-face could have different challenges. As you continue working remotely and interacting with different clients, you will know where the problem is. Over time, you’ll notice that a number of clients may be complaining about the same thing. Also, you may face new obstacles every day. Being able to think on your feet will help you navigate these tricky situations.

  1. Stay social

One way to capitalize on the available marketing tools is to ensure that you are up to date with the latest trends and preferences. Engaging your audience on different social media platforms creates an opportunity for you to land more prospects. This also helps you connect with professionals like Winning By Design, who will assist you in increasing sales. Creating strong portfolios on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and YouTube will help you boost your sales.

  1. Learn tell-tale signs of potential prospects

Face-to-face sales are easier since you can tell if a potential client is ready to purchase a product or no. As you begin remote selling, you start to realize that personal appeal may be limited and that you have to be careful to notice if prospects are interested. One way of understanding remote sales better is taking down notes after every typical sales process.

  1. Be motivated

Building a strong relationship with your clients in any venture can be challenging. There will also be plenty of times where you don’t agree with your clients. It is improbable that you can overcome some of these challenges if you are not motivated to work.

  1. Have a sense of urgency

Closing a deal quickly is essential in sales. However, most salespeople take much time to explain a product and fail to close the deal. This said, it would be best if you created a sense of urgency with your clients. Clients tend to respond quickly when you explain the urgency of the matter.

Remote selling is easy if you acquire the right help. Seeking assistance from experts would help you with your workload, get more potential clients quicker, and gather qualified leads for your sales team.

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A Simple Parent’s Guide to Safety for Kids on Mobile Phones

Giving a child a phone is one thing; keeping them safe as they use it is another. While owning a phone comes with many pros, including easier communication and exposure to responsibility, it also comes with a great deal of risk in terms of safety. 

Cyberbullying, pornography, kidnapping and car accidents are just some of the many dangers children are exposed to when they receive a phone of their own. The safety tips below are a good starting point for parents worrying about their new teen or tween’s mobile phone safety. 

Teach them how to hide their location

In many reported incidents across the United States, kidnappers, pedophiles and other nefarious internet operatives used the location feature on children’s phones to track them down and harm them. The location and geo-tagging features come with every phone and are useful when put to their pre-determined functions. 

But they can also easily be hacked into and used for harm. For protection, parents should teach kids how to turn their location and geo-tagging features off when they feel uncomfortable or go to dangerous areas.

If you cannot come around to having them the location feature off, parents can have kids install the Phone Tracker app. Parents do not have to say what it does, but it monitors every physical and digital moment the child makes, including to venues, websites and apps. The Phone Tracker app is free, legal and used by millions of parents already.

Be aware and alert regarding cyberbullying

One of the biggest vices that come with children owning mobile phones is exposure to cyberbullying. Parents seeking to protect against cyberbullying need to start by retaining remote control of the child’s device. 

This involves creating a password for the phone and allows them to access on-demand the websites and apps that the child has been visiting for mature analysis. Parents also need to be alert to the signs of a child experiencing bullying because it can happen right under everyone’s nose. To guarantee safety, parents have to teach kids what cyberbullying is and how they can protect themselves or report it to officials.

Teach children to avoid answering unknown numbers or texts

The easiest way to protect children as they use new devices is by advising them against answering phone numbers or texts from strange phone numbers. Much like with refusing to enter unmarked vans driven by strangers, children need to be instructed to avoid picking calls phone numbers without names they recognize attached. 

Random phone numbers are not always dangerous but they pose a high risk of exposure to pedophiles, scam artists, kidnappers and more. This method is great because kids can protect themselves on their own, regardless of location.

Attach a recovery phone number on the phone

It’s not always pedophiles that are the trouble, though. With children, losing the mobile phone is a problem that should be expected often. Before they are fully used to it, children can lose their mobile phones accidentally tens of times. 

Savvy parents know to attach a recovery phone number on the device that good Samaritans can use when trying to send the recovered phone back to its owners. Tape works just fine for attaching a parent’s number to the back of the phone. This works best for younger children.

Install a strong antivirus or security software

As parents hand over a device, they should accompany it with security software to protect against antiviruses, hacking and other internet vices. Children are prone to visiting unregulated websites, especially if parents choose to ignore controlling that aspect of the device. Good security software always has a free basic package and works wonders for protection.

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How to Get More Google Ad Conversions

Businesses advertise on Google Ads or any other media platform for one reason: to optimize sales. To leverage Google Ad advantage profitably, you need to maximize conversion rate at the lowest cost possible for enhanced return on investment (ROI). 

That requires ads designed to attract, captivate, and prompt action for a successful conversion at first contact. Knowing what drives popular ads on Google Ads is key to getting leads, conversions, and savings on ad budget. Try some of these great tips on how to get more Google Ad conversions.

Lead with value-based CTAs

Customers look for value for their intended investment and this must be brought out clearly in the ad to help a customer decide. If you are creating an advert for roofer marketing agencies, include the number of percentage points in lead generation and subsequent conversion you will gain by engaging the services of SEO for Growth, a leading agency in Kansas City. 

This magic number is what adds value and makes your ad stand out. Now, do not stop there. Deploy a catchy CTA that uses persuasive wording like “try” “get,” or “buy” to move your customers from simple curiosity to action.

Social proof is king in online marketing

We all want to be where everyone seems to be. To leverage this customer psychology, use some statistics on reviews and past customer ratings to illustrate social proof and to create a need that can be converted. 

If so many are satisfied, it must be good. For a superior profile, it is not enough to simply say Rainscape Roofing is a roofing contractor in Kansas dealing in storm and hail damage repairs. Try adding the #1 rated roofing company in Kansas City for maximum effect with higher chances for conversion.

Optimize your click-through rate                               

Your objective is to maximize conversions from your ads at the lowest cost possible. This then means a prudent use of your pay-per-click marketing account to ensure prospects go beyond initial impression to clicking on your ad. A high CTR does not only improve and maintain your ad position but also earns you high-quality scores. 

To optimize your CTR, try using search ads and not rely on display alone. Identify searcher intent and apply branded keywords for greater visibility alongside major players in your industry. Use an enticing and emotional copy with softer CTAs to attract prospects.

Improve your Google Ads quality score

The life of your ad on Google depends on a sustained high or at least a good quality score. Quality score determines your ad’s stay on the sponsored page, at what position, and most importantly, how much it will cost you for each click. 

To improve your quality score, you need to address your ad relevance to searcher’s intentions and probable question. This, in turn, affects your CTR, ensuring a high number of clicks on your ad, a confirmation that the messaging is spot on. 

Pay special attention to your landing page experience for searchers by harmonizing it with the ad content for clarity. 

Optimize your landing page 

Your ad intends to lead the searcher to your landing page, which must offer seamless navigation. The customer must meet the same information on accessing the landing page to avoid confusion and abandoned searches. Use a simple landing page design with eye-friendly contrasting colors. 

Arrange all the key elements relevant to the ad at the top with simple navigation. Create simple but clear CTA buttons prominently displayed for ease of access and remember to include your contact information on the page for further communication.

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Five Indoor Relaxation Techniques You Need to Know

Given the current circumstances, many people are unable to spend as much time outdoors as they would like. Even as lockdowns have eased around the globe, residents remain hesitant about going to public places, such as parks and beaches.

Time spent outdoors is essential for relaxation for most people. Tension and anxiety are at an all-time high in many households because of the changed circumstances humanity finds itself in. While getting out and about might not be practical for now, there are ways to stay indoors and reduce your stress levels.

Turn on the waterworks

There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of water trickling in the background. It’s why we are drawn to spending time alongside rivers and waterfalls when we are outside. But you don’t need to escape to the great outdoors to enjoy the peaceful sounds of running water. Instead, you must look for indoor water fountains for the home. Soothing Company offers a range of indoor fountain options, including floor, wall, and table-top fountains, as well as the necessary accessories.

With so many designs available, it will be easy for you to find one that suits your needs and the aesthetics of your home. Once installed, you can spend some time relaxing alongside your indoor fountain, releasing the stresses of the day into the universe.

Stretch it out

If you think yoga is simply about a few stretches and nothing else, you would be incorrect. The yoga poses you’re expected to strike and maintain during a session might look easy, until you try them. Yoga requires all the muscles in the body to work together, and it also helps to clear your mind as it requires a high degree of concentration. 

You might not be able to do cardio exercises in the confines of your home, but you can still give your body a thorough workout by learning to do yoga. Look for online videos or shop for books and DVDs to teach yourself and your family some basic yoga.

Add some aroma

Aromatherapy is proven to have relaxing effects on its users, and it is an inexpensive idea to implement. All you need is a few scented candles to introduce some calm into your home. Alternatively, you can use essential oils massaged into your skin together with a carrier oil. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to your bath. 

For the purposes of relaxation and destressing, use scents such as lavender, vanilla, rose, jasmine, and sandalwood. Shop online for aromatherapy products to help you relax.

Be a little bit selfish

Sometimes, you’re so busy making sure that everyone else is all right that you forget about yourself. It is vital that you look after your health and well-being during these trying times. If you get stressed or sick, you’ll be out of action and unable to help those that depend on you.

Your definition of self-care will depend on your individual tastes. It might be a steaming hot bath, going to bed early, a glass of red wine, or a range of other things. 

Feed your senses

Depending on what you like to do, an activity like reading or listening to music can help you to unwind. Books can be a great escape as they let you travel somewhere else without leaving the comfort of your home. Soothing music can help you destress and center your mind after a tough day.

If you’re inclined to, get into the kitchen and prepare a meal that reminds you of a time where you didn’t feel stress. For many people, the aromas of their favorite childhood meals can be relaxing.

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Expect COVID-19 to Trigger the Following Changes in Shopping Patterns

As the coronavirus continues to clamp normal life down to a halt, analysts everywhere are turning their attention to the trends developing before their eyes. So far, the shopping industry is proving to display the most volatility. 

As brick and mortar shops have closed, online shopping has picked up to cover the gap. This is just the start of many changes in the way customers shop. Analysts expect outstanding changes in the shopping industry after coronavirus, including the below points.

More preference for stocking up

The coronavirus epidemic has launched more product scarcities than any other event in recent history. Everything from toilet paper to hand sanitizer went out of stock in supermarket aisles within days, causing widespread panic. 

To worsen things, the lockdown meant that physical shops had to close, limiting access to them even more. Naturally, the same products were marked up online. For many shoppers, this has been a learning moment. Many are going to start stocking up on many necessities earlier to avoid similar shortages in their households. 

Empire Product Promotions has all the products you may need if you are planning on stocking up for any future shortages. You’ll find safety masks, face shields, household wares and even office materials in amazing varieties and at affordable prices. 

Online purchasing becoming the main option

As the epidemic continues, online eCommerce platforms everywhere are seeing booms in sales and customer numbers. Amazon has already reported amazing returns, as have similar consumer marketplaces like Best Buy and Wal-Mart. 

The trend follows growth in online shopping triggered by the lockdown measures instigated by cities across the United States for civilian safety. For shoppers, online shopping presents the double pleasure of being a safe alternative and offering just as much product variety as retail shops, if not more. 

Post the COVID-19 epidemic, online shopping is going to become the main shopping option for many shoppers. This move will doubly be facilitated by America’s already on-going retail apocalypse, which has seen numerous retail stores from Sears to JC Penney close or go bankrupt. 

Priority to purchasing necessities

As many consumers have learned during the coronavirus period, necessities run out much faster than other products. Essentials such as toilet paper, toiletries, face masks, hand sanitizer and cleaning products continue to grow scarce as the epidemic continues. 

While food has not necessarily gone scarce in many cities, shoppers have difficulty finding particular items on demand. Shoppers are finding trouble accessing many necessities affordably, even on online platforms. 

This trend is going to inspire growth in necessity purchasing among shoppers during and after the epidemic. More and more shoppers are going to direct their money toward stocking up on necessities.

Rise in digital payments

Digital payments for products using digital services like PayPal and credit cards have always been the go-to payment options, but because they promise less contact with other individuals and lower chances of disease, they have seen increased preference in the last three months. 

Digital payments have proven to be easy to handle and seamless even in strenuous times, a sign that they are going to play a much bigger role once the epidemic runs its course.

Increased use of delivery services

Shoppers have gravitated toward delivery services even more as coronavirus forced lockdowns on normalcy as we know it. While they have always been popular options for online shoppers and fans of new quick food startups, their popularity has all but tripled with the lockdown. 

Due to coronavirus, shoppers have now found that they can no longer allow as much contact with other individuals for safety purposes. Delivery people offer a faster, safer alternative than the usual shopping-in-person style shoppers are used to. The future of shopping involves more delivery companies playing center stage.

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The True Costs of In-Home Care and How to Pay for it

As people age, they may begin to struggle with some of the daily tasks we take for granted when we’re younger or become ill and unable to care for themselves. However, the idea of having to move away from the safety and familiarity of their home to go into assisted living is something they’d prefer to avoid for as long as possible.

The option of having their children or other relatives come to their homes to render assistance is not necessarily available or practical. It, therefore, becomes imperative to procure in-home care services for them. 

The costs of in-home care

The cost of in-home care depends on the nature of the care required. It could be needing someone to come to the home for a couple of hours a day to do the tasks the elderly are battling to perform or provide medical care. This will automatically cost more, especially if 24-hour care is required, as these services need trained nursing or health professionals.

Another factor impacting the cost of in-home care is location. Prices vary from one geographical area to another, with more expensive prices in areas where the cost of living is higher.

What are the payment options?


Original Medicare members must meet some requirements for coverage of in-home care services. A medical professional should prescribe home healthcare, certify that the patient is homebound, or in need of intermittent nursing care to improve or maintain their condition.

The diagnosis will determine whether in-home care costs will come out of Part A or Part B of Medicare. Because neither of them will pay the full costs due to copayments, Medicare supplement plan expert, Russel Noga of recommends investigating Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plan G options to ensure that the patient isn’t left facing crippling medical bills.

Reverse mortgage

Securing a reverse mortgage to pay in-home care services is a popular option. It allows the person to access funds from their home equity for expenses, such as in-home care. 

However, applicants must meet several requirements. The home’s title owner must be at least 62 years old to qualify for a reverse mortgage. They have to remain living in the home as their primary residence for the period of the reverse mortgage. 

Outright ownership of the house or at least 50% equity forms another prerequisite. The final mandatory requirement is a meeting with a reverse mortgage counselor approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to ensure a full understanding of the reverse mortgage process and its implications.


By investing retirement savings or pension payouts in an annuity, a steady income is generated that is guaranteed and can be used for expenses such as in-home care. An annuity is a financial product that is a cross between an investment fund and an insurance policy. 

The sum in the annuity is invested at a fixed or variable rate, depending on the preference of the client. Upon its maturation, withdrawals are permitted. Users are advised to make use of reputable brokers to avoid having unscrupulous people take advantage of them.

Life insurance policy borrowing

Provided a life insurance policy has a cash amount for use during the insured party’s life, such as a whole life policy, a loan against the policy is possible. Generally, the interest rates on such loans are low. 

Timely repayments are necessary as a failure to pay results in interest being added to the loan until it exceeds the amount insured and the policy lapses. The full implications of life insurance policy borrowing should be clearly laid out before choosing it.

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5 Benefits of Furnished Apartments for College Students

If you’re a college student, you will experience many benefits if you rent a furnished apartment, particularly if you attend a university in another state. This will provide you with a hassle-free moving and living arrangement and save you time and money. 

Thanks to innovations in design, pricing and features, you have access to affordable, furnished apartments near the campus in a community that’s likely to be full of amenities you can use. 

You don’t have to buy furniture

It’s likely that as a student, you have a long checklist of items you need to buy and take with you, such as clothing, a computer and much more. Beds, sofas, mattresses, desks and lamps are expensive items to purchase and this is why moving into a furnished apartment can really save you money. 

As a college student who may be pinching pennies, hiring a professional mover to move your furniture into an apartment can also be costly. Renting a furnished apartment eliminates this step. It is easy to fit all your possessions, such as books and clothing, into your car and even making a second trip is cheaper than hiring movers. 

The move is easy

You can simply arrive and move in without any hassle. There will be a bed, dining table, desk and sofa all ready and waiting for you. All you have to do is put away your personal items. This can save you a lot of time when you are facing all the stresses of trying to arrange your academic courses, buy textbooks and much more. 

You have the use of certain appliances and electronics

Furnished apartments usually include various essentials, such as a computer desk and chair for study purposes. They also include various appliances and electronics that you won’t usually find in an unfurnished apartment. 

When visiting the apartment, ask whether the appliances and electronics are included in the rental. You may have the use of items such as a coffee maker, toaster, and even a music system and television. offers short-term rentals and extended stay apartments in Cincinnati, Ohio. The apartments include various benefits in the rental price, such as modern furniture, washer/driers, flat-screen TVs and high-speed internet. 

You don’t have to pay utility deposits

As you don’t have to stick to strict dormitory regulations, you can utilize more electronics and appliances in your daily routine. One way to avoid paying many utility deposits is to rent a furnished apartment. Not all of them include utilities, but many of them do. 

You pay the landlord who, in turn, pays the utility company. Utilities all remain in the name of the landlord who carries the risk of non-payment. The landlord may expect you to pay a flat fee for utility use or expect reimbursement based on actual use. 

You may have the use of some great amenities

Some furnished apartments take college lifestyle to a whole new level with the use of amenities, such as being able to relax in a clubhouse, cook on an outdoor grill or use a fitness center. 

Furnished apartments for college students are usually located fairly close to campus so commuting isn’t a problem. However, that little bit of distance can give you a little bit of separation and more independence. 

You have more privacy and with an equipped kitchen in your apartment, you can prepare your own meals. A furnished apartment can come with everything you need to make you comfortable, provide your new home away from home, and take away the stress of moving. 

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5 Natural Ways to Treat Headaches

Most people in the world know what it’s like to have the occasional headache. Tension headaches are the most common and are often related to stress or anxiety. However, those who experience frequent cluster headaches, sinus headaches or migraines may suffer reduced quality of life. 

While there are many prescription and over-the-counter medications for headaches, they can cause side effects. It may help to use some of the following natural ways to treat headaches. 

  1. Relieve tension with essential oils 

Rosemary oil is traditionally used to treat headaches. It has anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties. If you’re looking for the best essential oils for migraine, studies suggest that inhaling lavender essential oil can be an effective and safe treatment to manage migraine headaches. 

Lavender oil is often used to reduce stress and anxiety. Peppermint oil is another popular essential oil for treating headaches. Applying it to the forehead and temples can relieve tension. People who have headaches because their sinuses are blocked may find relief from using eucalyptus oil to relieve their symptoms. 

  1. Restore balance with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can help you to fight off a headache because it helps to restore the acid-alkaline balance in the body. If you have a sinus headache, mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar and half a cup of water. Bring the mixture to a boil, remove from the heat, hold a towel over your head and inhale the steam. 

If you wake up with a headache, add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water with some honey and a splash of lemon juice. Drinking this mixture will help to chase that headache away. 

  1. Apply ice or heat

Applying an ice pack to the back of your neck may help to reduce inflammation that contributes to a headache. It also has a numbing effect on the pain. Placing a washcloth dipped in ice-cold water over your head for five minutes can have the same effect. 

Soaking your feet in hot water can also help to get rid of a headache and if it’s severe, adding some hot mustard powder to the water helps. Taking a warm bath can also help all your muscles to relax and reduce muscle pain that could be contributing to a tension headache. 

  1. Reduce inflammation with ginger

Ginger can offer relief for headaches because it helps to reduce inflammation of blood vessels in the head. When this happens, it relieves the pain. Ginger can also help you to deal with nausea you may experience when you have a migraine. Create a tea by simmering three slices of ginger root in two cups of water. 

Cover the pot and boil for thirty minutes and allow the tea to cool before drinking. If you want really quick relief, you can apply a paste made from ginger powder and water to your forehead. 

  1. Try butterbur extract

Butterbur extract is available as a natural remedy in many health shops and pharmacies. It is often recommended for migraine relief. A number of studies have been conducted on an over-the-counter butterbur extract and have shown that it can reduce migraine attacks. 

The recommended dosage is 75 mg twice a day for a month and after that, 50 mg twice a day. The exact way to works to help with migraines is not known but researchers believe it is linked to its anti-inflammatory effects. 

Before using any natural remedies, you should speak to your doctor to find out whether they may interact with any existing medications you are taking. 

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