How Can Dogs Help Your Kids in Their Education?

Kids’ lives have become complicated in the last year since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Many have spent months at home, unable to go to school and learn in the conventional sense. Online learning is challenging for many children who need in-person contact with a teacher to learn effectively.

Dogs are great at supporting their human pack members, especially the little ones, during stressful times. However, they can play an even larger role in your child’s education. Here is how:

Language development

Dogs can play an essential role in helping children with language development and reading. Giving your dog a foreign language name can help children wrap their tongues around new sounds, preparing them for second language acquisition. The OurFitPets site offers readers a list of Norwegian dog names, including meanings to help you make the correct selection.

Dogs are also a patient audience for children who struggle with reading aloud or saying speeches. They are a perfect audience to practice on, which will build a child’s self-confidence to the point where they are no longer uncomfortable reading or speaking to others.

Life skills

A dog’s companionship teaches children several life skills they will need as they grow into adults. One of the first things a young child learns when interacting with a dog is compassion and empathy by being gentle with a canine and not hurting it. 

Dog ownership also teaches children about responsibility as they learn to care for someone or something other than themselves. This might require them sacrificing what they want to do to care for a canine. Having a dog in their lives also enhances a child’s self-image as a loyal dog’s presence boosts it.

Dogs can also teach children about diversity as they come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. While they may differ, they are all canines deserving of love, care, and attention. What a wonderful lesson for a child to take into the classroom and use while socializing with peers.

These life skills apply to any student’s life and teach them the self-discipline necessary for academic achievement. They will cope in various social settings both while at school and as adults in their personal and professional lives.


Parents can make a dog central to their child’s numeracy development. Toddlers can learn to count by calculating how many legs or eyes a dog has. Later on, you can get a child to count how many toenails there are on each foot and add the numbers together to get a total. 

Dogs can teach children the difference between big and small, long and short, and high and low. These are vital mathematical concepts that they will apply in their math studies.

For older children, create math problems that center on a dog. For example, if a dog is fed a quarter cup of food twice a day, how many cups of food does it eat weekly? If there is a certain amount of dog food in a bag, how long will it last, given how much the dog eats each day?

Science and biology

A biological study of their dog might stimulate a child’s interest in finding out about the world of living things around them. Fascinating dog facts and traits of different breeds can be an exciting way to learn about biology.

Parents can even use a dog to teach their children about scientific concepts, like sound. A dog’s perception of sound is extremely sensitive, so they do not like loud sounds. Examine the idea of displacement when placing a dog in the bath. Discuss the properties of dog fur that make it water-resistant. 

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Creating an Online Presence for Your New Startup

The mere fact that 97% of customers use the Internet every day to search for online businesses offering products and services is reason enough for your startup to have an online presence. With an online presence, you can buy and sell products and services in what is potentially the biggest market in the world. 

Always ahead of new tactics in digital marketing

Covid-19 has brought a massive change to the digital world and businesses need an understanding of the digital world more than ever before. Everything these days is populated by digital media products, but if it gets too complicated Ally Digital Media is there to help you. 

They started out in 2013 and are a full-service digital marketing company, having already helped hundreds of startup businesses grow their business online. They specialize in website design, CMS & mobile app development, SEO, graphic design and digital sales. 

With their team of professionals offering competitive rates, you can be sure their products and services will prove to be the best for generating revenue. 

Social media

As a marketer, you need your social media marketing strategy to yield the best results. The key to success for any startup is to understand its target audience and to get feedback from them. 

This gives insight into how customers perceive your offerings. Some companies launch new products on social media to test how customers respond to them. Social media like Facebook and Twitter can help digital startups to engage with customers and solve any grievances they may have right away. 

Solving grievances on the spot will get customers to recommend your brand to their friends. Positive reviews can bring in more business than most other marketing tools. 

Web design

Surfing the Internet, you may have landed on sites that you think are really cool. You want something similar for your startup. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you need a professional website to remain competitive.  

If you’re not a graphic designer and don’t have the software and tech know-how to create a website, you can hire web design services to ensure your website is a powerful marketing tool. 

A website, too, is a great place to display any awards and testimonials your business has achieved. Not having a website can make it difficult for your company to rank on search engines. SEO tactics, too, can be applied to the website to improve its rankings.

Digital PR

If you want to increase your business’s online presence, digital PR is an effective online marketing strategy. It is all about alerting bloggers, journalists, and publications through a press release to gain high-quality backlinks and brand coverage. 

Digital PR simply increases awareness of your brand, offering the opportunity to reach a much broader audience that would be impossible with offline methods. 

Digital PR relies on content marketing, SEO, social media and influencer outreach to make an impact in improving a brand’s online presence.

Optimize your website for mobile users

Creating an online presence for your new startup requires you making it mobile-friendly. Most users of your website come by means of a mobile phone. Your website needs to be optimized for mobile users. 

In fact, accessibility to your website is important by means of any device. Having a mobile-friendly website gets you the loyalty of users. The loading speed can be too slow and then mobile users lose interest and search elsewhere. 

Going from desktop to mobile requires skill and knowledge with resizing content according to the screen. Known as responsive design, the best web design experts redesign your website with mobile device users in mind.

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Key Things to Look Into Before Buying a Pet Dog

Puppies are one of the most adorable creatures in the world, which many people cannot resist. Do not let their affectionate nature and overwhelming cuteness trick you into bringing one home before considering several key factors. 

Becoming a pet owner is more or less equivalent to becoming a parent as it involves lots of sacrifices from the pet-owners side and several preparations to make the new dog adapt to the house and the pet owner’s lifestyle. 

Cost of the dog 

Pure breeds always cost sky-high because they are an investment, and every new puppy they give birth to will fetch the owners a ransom. The cost of official dog breeds like huskies, malamutes, pugs, and bulldogs are incredibly high as they are hard to find. Pitbulls cost around $800 to $2000 based on the breeder’s reputation, and purebred ChowChow can cost around $3000 to $8500. 

Rottweiler, Hounds, and Mastiff breeds also start from $200 and range up to $8000 based on their breeding history. Pet owners can always choose to house a rescue dog or adopt one from the shelter to cut down on costs.

Expect sleepless nights

New pet owners should be ready for countless sleepless nights as the puppies will never stop whining for the first few days. Puppies need to be fed four to six times a day and at least three times at night and tend to stay awake all night. 

Be ready to spend enough time with the puppies sacrificing the game and TV time as they require regular exercising, cleaning, grooming, and constant monitoring. 

Puppies will start shedding and need frequent visits to the vet clinic to get the necessary shots. The pet owner should allot time for all the extra responsibilities before getting a puppy.

Stock up puppy supplies 

Stock the home with necessary dog supplies like dog bowls for food and water, a separate bed and create for the dogs, pee pads, and most importantly, pleasant room sprays. Puppies are cute, but their poop won’t smell good unless you stay prepared to counter the stench smell with a good room spray. 

Buy some essential chew toys, soft dog toys and gather some balls and sticks to keep the dog engaged and stop bothering you always. A puppy fishing rod toy tied securely somewhere will keep the dog busy for several minutes until you bathe and get ready. 

Puppy proof the house 

Puppies are curious creatures that love to explore and chew on ropes. All the electrical cords, headsets, shoelaces, and anything resembling a string are prone to be chewed by them. 

Remove such items from the house and place them on upper shelves away from the puppy’s reach. Cushions, leather shoes, open dustbins, and indoor plants would be their next chewing target. 

Always use a lidded dustbin and keep it inside the cabinet as they will smell discarded food and target dustbins like prey. Also, keep the laundry and other cleaning liquids away from their reach as their color and smell attracts the dogs a lot. 

Training from the first day 

Start training the puppy from the first day they enter the house to teach them where to pee, poop, obey simple commands. If the pet owners do not have the time and patience to train the puppy, seek help from the training camps. 

All dogs need obedience training and crate training from a very young age to make them loving companions rather than agitated animals. Also, socialize the dogs frequently by introducing them to the neighbors, family members, and friends to prevent them from getting scared of strangers. If possible, make them mingle with other pets in the neighborhood to erase their loneliness.

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Essentials of Developing a Rural Property

Owning a piece of land in a rural area is different from owning the same size as the piece of land in the city. In terms of value, land in the city is many times higher than in the rural area. You can raise the value of your rural property by developing it.

The process of getting authorization letters is different in rural areas. Government services are far away in the rural areas. Almost all contractors are based in the city and you will rarely get one on the rural side.

Have a good plan

The first step is to think about what you want to do with your parcel of land. Think about what type of development you want. You may plan to build your rural home, build a rural restaurant, an entertainment center, and so on. 

Planning will help you know who to involve in the development of your rural property. If your rural property is not far from Kansas City, you may want to contact a Kansas City foundation repair contractor who can help restore the foundation of your city house. Olson Foundation repair is experienced in offering solutions for all your home foundation-related challenges, cracks on walls, and waterproofing. 

Look into the challenges

Understand that rural property appreciates slowly and it might take longer to recover value for your investment. You might need to import contactors from the city, which can be expensive. Consider also the cost of clearing the land, which can be high.

Another cost that can be high is when building waste disposal systems. There may not be directly connected sewer lines meaning you have to build your septic tanks or bio-tanks. It’s more challenging developing property in the rural area than in the city. 

Study the environment 

Scan the environment on how near or far resources are from your property? If the water connection is far, you might have to face a high cost to bring the water to your property. Your property might be near a landfill, which is a problem you might be forced to stay with the rest of your life.

Check also if there is a material supplier near your property. If there is none, you might be forced to look for a lumber yard like Kansas City lumber yard, where you can get your building material supplies. Lumber One is located within Kansas City and is specialized in the supply of lumber, trim, decks, windows & doors, and hardware. 

Find out if your development is viable

You can put up development on your rural property and it fails to bring you any return because of the distance from the potential market or because of building unmarketable development. You can hire the services of a financial advisor who will study your location and advise you on the best investment to set up on your piece of property. 

Return on investment might sometimes take longer, depending on how fast your investment gains business. Have all the facts and data ready with you. 

Get the plans and approvals

After looking into all the possible challenges and advantages, go for the plans and approvals. It can be another challenging step because, in most cases, the approvals authorities could be located far, and mostly you can only get architects from the cities. Once your plans and approvals are ready, set the pace of your project and move on. 

Most resources will come from the city and you must consider the cost of transport and source for suppliers who are as close to your project site as possible. You may hire dedicated transport to transport your building materials promptly. 

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Why Digital Marketing is Important for Your Tech Start-Up

You’re in the tech sphere, so the most natural way to go is with digital marketing. Digital marketing combines all the elements that make it so relevant and so exciting. Digital marketing will naturally target tech consumers and will involve all aspects of social media involvement. 

From optimizing keywords, to knowledge of Google Analytics, and so on, the digital marketing sphere is the most logical way of marketing for everyone who uses the web as a buying and selling tool. 

Guest post for gaining visibility 

A guest post marketing the wares of your site and start-up is an excellent launching pad for you. You can get a tech guest post onto a site that markets your tech product and services. Go to and get that post onto a high DA site quickly. 

Naturally, give it some valuable thought, and if needs be, get a writer in the tech space that knows all about SEO to do it for you. The main point about a guest post is that you build links to ace one of the Google algorithms to rank high. 

Reaching the target audience 

In yesteryear, people bought things from brick-and-mortar shops in the mall. That’s where people used to hang about. Today, while they still do that, more and more people are turning to online shopping and hanging about the internet and their social media devices. 

Most marketers are choosing to go online rather than use traditional means of marketing. Especially in the tech sphere, there is only one place to go, and that’s online.  

New start-ups have the audience they need right there. Now, they just have to get to them and the best way to do so is through content marketing, which includes text, videos and images, and live streaming, which has picked up considerably in the last couple of years. 

Brand image through social media 

All major social media platforms, like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, will play a major role in your digital marketing campaign. You will be doing a lot of writing for your website and for social media. Your blogs must be first-rate as the content is king.  

Each social media platform is different and requires different compositions. For instance, your Facebook ad won’t suit Pinterest and the text must be totally different and compelling. It’s quite a job but if you can work on it, you start building a fan base and garner likes and shares and even UGC, which helps you in building credibility in the market. 

Quick traffic through SEO and PPC 

Search Engine Optimization is everything that encompasses your online presence. This is what digital marketing is all about, to secure your ranking on Google and if you get it right, traffic heads for your site in droves. 

You may want to make use of online ads that work great on Facebook, Instagram and Google. This is where PPC (or Pay Per Click) comes in. This is where an advertiser pays a publisher each time an ad is clicked. It is a great way of recording how many clicks there were and if that ad is working or not.  

This will give you a fair idea of whether your RoI for online marketing is positive or not. If the ad spend you a good amount of traffic and final sales conversion, you should consider it a success. 

Brand building 

You can build a brand and establish a reputation quickly using digital marketing. You would never have been able to do this so quickly using traditional marketing. The fact is, the online world is so buzzy and exciting so that’s where most people are, most of the time. 

With the many arms of digital marketing, your brand can be number 1 in no time at all. You can also build your reputation quickly without going for trial-and-error runs that were commonplace in traditional marketing. Today, digital is durable and dynamic.

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How to Use Proxies for Web Scraping

Once you get serious about web scraping, you quickly realize that proxy management is critical. First of all, if you want to scrape the web on a meaningful scale, you’re going to need a proxy. There’s no way around it. 

Unfortunately, more often than not, you’ll be spending more time troubleshooting proxy issues than building and maintaining your spiders

In this short article, we will give you a bit of insight into your main proxy options and their differences, as well as the pros and cons you’ll need to consider before making a decision. 

What Are Proxies and What Do They Have to Do With Web Scraping?

To answer this question, we first need to explain IP addresses and their role. An IP address or an internet protocol address is a numerical label assigned to any device connected to the internet. Your router, your computer, laptop, and smartphone – they each have an IP address. This gives them a unique identity and allows them to send and receive information online. 

As the name implies, a proxy acts as a middleman between you and all the wonders the internet has to offer. When you use a proxy, every request you send to a website to access its content will first go through the proxy server, which will make the request on your behalf. Similarly, when you receive information as a response to a request, it will first go through the proxy. 

The main purpose of a proxy is to keep your real IP address anonymous by masking it with another. This helps you protect your online privacy, bypass geo-restrictions, and scrape the web. 

In terms of web scraping, using proxies allows you to run unlimited sessions on the same websites at the same time. 

If you used only your real IP address to scrape the web, you’d have to do it on a much lower scale because you’d be limited by geo-restrictions, and you wouldn’t be able to send concurrent requests. What you need to do is split your traffic through a proxy pool.

Your proxy pool size depends on how many requests you want to make per hour, the target websites, and the type of IPs you need to access those websites. 

What Are My Proxy Options?

As we mentioned above, the types of proxies you need to include in your proxy pool will depend on the types of websites you’re targeting. 

Datacenter proxies are the most common type of proxies. They’re affordable, reliable, and fast. You can use them to build a stable and robust crawling solution for your business. The disadvantage is that the IP addresses they use are not tied to a physical device. They’re created artificially, and this can be detected, so you might not get access to every website. 

In that case, you’ll also want to make use of residential proxies that better mimic a regular user’s online activity because they’re linked to a physical device and an ISP (internet service provider). At the same time, they tend to be more expensive, and they’re not always necessary for web scraping. 

Lastly, you have mobile IPs, which are IPs linked to mobile devices. They’re useful when you want to see the results mobile users receive, but they also tend to be more expensive. 

The best solution is to use mostly datacenter proxies since you’ll get the best results at a lower cost. You can use residential and mobile proxies only for web scraping projects where they’re really needed. 

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5 Ways Depression Can Affect Your Work Productivity

Depression comes at the top of the list when it comes to loss of workplace productivity. The accelerated pace of work and advances in technology can feed anxiety and stress, but depression is different. It has a specific definition and a clinical diagnosis. 

If you have been feeling sad and depressed for longer than two weeks, you may have depression. Depression can severely impact your ability to concentrate and be productive at work. 

  1. Low energy levels

Depression is usually accompanied by low energy levels. This may be interpreted by coworkers or a boss as a poor work ethic or a bad attitude. You will often feel tired from early on in the day, even when you have hardly completed any work. 

The result can be a backlog of work, an inability to meet deadlines and a lack of enthusiasm for completing tasks. When you’re depressed, you tend to lose interest in the work you used to enjoy. 

A supplement called Green Maeng da Kratom may help you to be more productive at work. It is a powder that comes from grinding the leaves of the Mitragnyna Specioso tree. According to, it will uplift your mood and give you energy. 

  1. Scrambled cognitive functions

Depression can scramble your cognitive functions and leave you feeling disconnected, dazed, unfocused and unable to concentrate. Ask yourself the following questions to see if your depression is affecting your work. 

  • Are you battling to focus and concentrate on your daily tasks?
  • Are you having difficulty meeting deadlines?
  • Do you feel as though your job does not matter to you anymore?
  • Are you battling to remember details and make decisions?
  1. Strained working relationships

When you are depressed, you are likely to be more irritable and to lash out at coworkers in anger. You may also feel disconnected from your coworkers and tend to withdraw. In both cases, failing to work together with others affects productivity in the workplace and makes you feel more isolated and alone. When you’re feeling hopeless and helpless, you tend to drive others away. 

Let coworkers know about your condition if you feel comfortable and supported. It will help them to understand and they may be able to form a more supportive environment to help you. 

  1. Inferior work quality

When you are depressed, you may feel as though your workload is beyond you. This contributes to your feelings of helplessness. You may go through the work without paying attention to quality just to get it done. As you battle to concentrate, you may have difficulty doing work that you previously found easy. You know you’re taking longer and so you rush and make mistakes. 

Setting small manageable goals can help break down your tasks into smaller ones that do not feel as daunting. You also need to learn to establish boundaries so that you avoid taking on too much. 

  1. Inability to take responsibility

The challenges in your mind if you are depressed are much greater than those in the work environment. The battle can be so all-consuming that you even forget about your hygiene, what you wear or what you eat. 

This means that people can’t rely on you in the workplace. They won’t be able to trust you to finish work by a certain deadline or to make sure that an all-important report is circulated to the right people. 

It is not impossible to have a full-time job if you suffer from depression. Effective therapy, specific lifestyle habits, and medical care can all help you to recover to the point where your productivity returns. 


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How Do Tax Rebates and Tax Refunds Work?

As a business owner or any responsible adult, you’re going to have to learn about your taxes, particularly the practice of tax filing, sooner rather than later. 

It doesn’t matter if you plan to hire a chartered accountant to file your taxes or you’re going to do it yourself, it’s still worth it to know what you’re dealing with.

The most important thing is to avoid paying more in taxes than you should and keep in mind that you might be eligible for certain reimbursements on your taxes if you play your cards right. 

The two most important things that you need to know about tax filing in order to make the most of this process include tax rebate and tax refund. 

These two terms are often utilized interchangeably but they are quite different actually. What you need to know is that they both play a pivotal role in your ability to lower your tax liability. 

Read on as we explore these concepts in depth. 

What is a Tax Rebate?

It’s possible to reduce your tax burden as a taxpayer during tax filing season. This is done through various tax deductions and exemptions as well as tax rebates. 

Basically, tax rebates are reimbursement claims that you can make as a taxpayer on your taxable income. 

This can go a long way to reduce your tax liability, particularly if you file for more than one tax rebate, granted that you qualify of course. 

What is a Tax Refund?

As the name implies, a tax refund is an amount that you get back from the taxes that you’ve already paid. 

This could be due to the fact that you’ve paid more than your total tax liability and are therefore eligible for reimbursement from the government. 

It means that you paid additional taxes than you were supposed to either through automatic tax deductions or via your own self-assessment of your taxes during filing season. 

In fact, it’s important to go through this process of tax relief during tax filing season so that you can get a refund on your tax funds as well as the cumulative interest attached to them. 

Tax Rebates vs. Tax Refunds

Like we said in the beginning, the similarities between a tax refund and a tax rebate can make it difficult sometimes to distinguish between the two. That’s why some people will even go as far as to use these two terms interchangeably. 

But, as we’ve learned, a tax rebate is a form of tax relief that you’re allowed to claim and end up with a lower tax burden. Basically, it’s the amount that you’re not really required to pay. 

On the other hand, a tax refund is an amount that you get back from the taxes that you’ve already paid, simply because you overpaid your taxes and gone over and above your tax liability. 

It’s a refund on your taxes and this practice is most common with self-assessment tax, TDS, or advance tax. 

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7 Tips on How to Choose a Headstone Inscription

A real moment of reckoning when a loved one passes on is deciding on what inscription to place on their headstone. 

This really brings the reality of the situation home and there may even be disagreements on what messaging to put on this important final resting place. 

Here are some tips to help you get through this very unique form of “writer’s block.”


  • Don’t Copy Others

We hope you haven’t looked at online mason websites yet because we’re going to advise you not to. That’s because there are lots of “inspiring’ templates there that may get you off track. 

Rather be original and write from the heart instead of going for a cookie-cutter inscription message. 


  • Keep It Simple

It’s often better to convey meaning in short and meaningful words than long and pretentious ones. 

Try to not get into the weeds with this one and stick to the most important pointers that you want to get across instead. 

For instance, you don’t have to include your deceased’s full names or their date of birth and death. 


  • Pick the Right Material

It’s important to note that you will be limited in the letterforms that you can use based on the material that your headstone is carved from. This will, therefore, limit the length of the inscription itself as well. 

For instance, you’ll most likely end up with a shorter inscription due to the bold lettering required in a limestone headstone whereas a slate headstone requires smaller italic letters. 


  • Focus on the Design as Well

In addition to the words inscribed on the headstone, you’re going to have to consider the shape of the stone, the letterforms, and the overall design which all contribute to the end product, how it looks and what kind of message it conveys. 

For instance, headstones come in many different types of designs, from ones that look like sunken bowls to gilded ones with a curved shape like the ones on


  • Don’t Rush

Don’t feel rushed to choose a headstone. 

You literally have all the time in the world. In fact, you can erect a headstone up to a year after the burial. It’s quite common. 

And it’s advisable to write the inscription around this time because, at this point, you’ve probably processed most of the grief and emotion and can think about the message you want on the inscription more clearly. 


  • Find the Right Place for the Epitaph

You can place your epitaph on a number of different locations on the headstones. It all depends on the design and your preferences. 

You can put it on the back of the headstone or on the sides. You can design it in a way that circles the rim of the headstone or it could be a circle. 

A lot of people prefer to place the epitaph on the back of the headstone because that way, it takes up less space overall. 


  • Get Inspired Online

If you’re really struggling with the design and inscription of the headstone, consider looking at different images online or on church backyards for inspiration. 

Consider your options and go for something that touches you on a deeper level. 

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Get it Right: Your Website’s Terms and Conditions Page

Few people setting up a website think about the terms and conditions page, preferring to focus on the landing page, visuals, and content. However, none of that will matter if you do not have an effective, legally valid terms and conditions page.

Therefore, you should not make this essential website component a side issue or secondary thought. Without a strong terms and conditions page, you could make yourself vulnerable to a world of legal problems.

Here is what you need to know about a terms and conditions page:


A terms and conditions page aims to copyright your content so that no one else can use it. It follows, therefore, that you should not copy and paste a set of terms and conditions from another page. If you do so, you will violate that page’s copyright.

Instead, visit Net Lawman for a library of legal documents you can use without worrying that you are violating copyright laws. Select a standard terms and conditions page that you think best suits your webpage from the company’s site. 

Downloads are editable, so you can make any changes necessary to suit your context. As an additional service, you can run your completed terms and conditions page by one of the company’s legal experts to ensure that it is valid, legal, and complete.

Liability limitation

Do not open yourself to potential lawsuits by failing to limit liability as part of a terms and conditions page. This entails setting up a disclaimer that exempts you from liability from errors on your website. It is easy to make a slip of the finger and only see it after content is published. 

While you doubtless do your utmost best to avoid this eventuality, it could occur, and you would not want to be held liable. This does not mean that your liability limitation should take the place of thorough editing and fact-checking before publication.

When visitors post content on your website, you need an additional liability clause that states you take no responsibility for the language used in offensive posts, nor do third parties’ views reflect your opinions. 

Medical advice websites include a further liability clause stipulating a reader cannot substitute any content offered on the site for a doctor’s consultation.


A privacy policy is a must if your website collects information using cookies or asks customers for information like an email address, contact telephone number, and banking details. While many customers tend to go ahead without reading a website’s privacy policy, there is always that one person who will. 

Clients and website visitors want to know what you do with the data they provide. For example, you could indicate that limited information is shared to enhance the user experience. 

Alternatively, stipulate that no information provided to your site is shared with anyone. To add another layer of protection, insert a popup when visitors are about to hand over any details that links them to your privacy terms and conditions.

Additional stipulations

If you are selling products on your website, you need some additional terms and conditions. These would include warranties and responsibility for servicing of products customers buy from you. 

Another clause or section should cover your return and refund policy to avoid unnecessary customer disputes. A terms and conditions page should also reserve your right to change offerings of goods or services without prior notice.

Some websites require users to be over a set age and predetermined requirements that enable visitors to create an account. If this is the case, such stipulations should appear in the terms and conditions page. 

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