Best Home-based Businesses for Single Parents


Best Home-based Businesses for Single Parents

by ICC on September 10, 2020
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Owning a business in a formal environment can be costly and time-consuming. The fact that you are a single parent in need of spending time with your children does not mean that you cannot make money on a full-time basis. 

As a single parent, you may have limited start-up capital though the most important thing is to identify a business idea you are passionate about. Here are some of the best businesses you can do at home as a single parent.

Pet grooming

Pet grooming entails brushing and cutting hair, clipping nails, and bathing. You can start a website to boost your popularity and get guidance from that offers the best pet dog guest post packages to take your pet grooming business to high ranks in Google. Some pet owners who may be busy at work need pet groomers to take care of their pets at home.

If you are trained, experienced, and licensed as a pet groomer, you can provide online services at the comfort of your home. Working from home may give you the flexibility you need to have time for your family and earn a decent income. 

Daycare business

Running daycare programs can be a good way of earning a living for single mothers and fathers. If you love interacting with children, you can have enough time for your family as you take care of other children at your home. All that you need if to identify the set guidelines and adhere to them before you begin.

For the smooth running of a daycare, you need to consider having a safe environment where children can comfortably play from. You also need to be licensed, after which you can market your business using desirable methods. You may network with parents in schools to get more customers.

Online career training

Many people need to make career choices and have to choose the right path under professional guidance. If you are a single parent with vast experience in career training, this may be a great opportunity for you to pursue at the comfort of your home. This business idea can give you the flexibility to allow you to have enough time for your children. 

You need to set up services to allow you to reach out to many people conveniently and efficiently. The system can allow you to talk to your clients through video calls, thus allowing you to interact with them as you obtain immediate feedback. 

Airbnb hosting

Tourists and employees on work assignment may find hotel stays restrictive and expensive. As such, they may opt for Airbnb that may allow them to feel more at home. Airbnb hosting can be a great business idea for you as a single parent, especially if you live in a big city and have extra rooms in your house that may not be fully utilized.

Your schedule flexibility may be an added advantage because you spend most of your time at home. Airbnb creates an opportunity for you to network with others online to ensure full occupancy of your facilities. For great guest experience, offer good accommodation laundry, clean up and replenish amenities at an affordable cost.

Virtual community assistance

Today, social networks have created a demand for interaction using the Instagram and Facebook groups. The communities and chats in such groups need to be managed to allow the moderators to focus on other work-related tasks. Virtual community assistance can be a great hustle for you as a single parent at home because it enables you to have time for your children.

Additionally, the group moderators may not have enough time to manage chats and coordinate group ideas. You can moderate group posts and comments by charging them a small monthly fee, thus enabling members to stick to the set guidelines.