8 Surprising Sources of Income Lying Around Your House


8 Surprising Sources of Income Lying Around Your House

by ICC on November 8, 2018
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The next time you are running low on cash, consider selling unused items you have lying around in your home. When things get cluttered, it can seem like it might be easier to just donate or trash those unwanted pieces. However, you may be surprised to find that many things you no longer use could actually add up to hundreds of dollars in your pocket.


This is an easy place to start make some extra cash while tidying up your closet in the meantime. The best way to tackle this project is to take every item out of your closet. As you sort through each item, here are a few questions to ask yourself:
Have I worn this in the past 12 months?
Does it still fit?
If I saw this in the store right now, would I buy it?
Will I wear this again?
After you have sorted through and separated the things you wear from the things you do not, it’s time to make some cash. You can take your items to a local consignment store or even sell them online. There are great websites and apps for selling gently used items locally. If you do not have transportation, there are also apps for you to list your items and ship them instead.

Shoes, Handbags, and Jewelry

While you are on the closet purging mission, don’t forget to sort through your shoes, handbags, and jewelry too. Your local jewelry store or even pawn shop may be willing to give you a decent amount of cash for these items.

Medical Supplies

There are several companies that will buy medical supplies, as long as they are in decent or like new condition. In fact, this article provides a list and reviews of websites that will buy unused diabetic test strips, with Sell Your Strips for More being number one on their list. There are many cases (like gestational diabetes) in which you may need supplies like this, but only for a short period of time.

Books, CD’s, and DVD’s

There is a good chance that you have heard of selling used items on Amazon and eBay. But, did you know there are lots of other websites where you can sell used books, DVD’s, and CD’s? An article published earlier this year by Well Kept Wallet provides a list of 14 different places to sell these used items, along with a bit of information about each one.


Do you have furniture sitting in your garage or basement collecting dust? You aren’t sure what to do with it, and you just can’t seem to find a place to put it inside your home without making things too cluttered. Maybe it is time to consider selling it. Of course, there are a slew of websites you can use as well as posting it on social media.


Money Pantry offers a list (with reviews) of 20 of the best places to sell used or broken electronics. This includes old cell phones, gaming systems, tablets, computers, televisions, etc.

Children’s Toys

Children tend to “grow out” of and go through toys pretty quickly, and they eventually end up in the bottom of the toy chest. Take some time to go through those toys and get rid of anything they haven’t played with in six months or so. You can take them to local consignment stores, and sell them online as well. You may even find a friend who is willing to make a trade, saving you money when the next birthday or holiday rolls around.

Gift Cards

It may seem crazy, but every year 1 billion gift cards go unused every year. Take a look through your wallet, pull out those gift cards you have been holding onto, and sell them for cash.