6 tips for closing deals while working remotely


6 tips for closing deals while working remotely

by ICC on June 23, 2020
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The fast-paced 21st century is witnessing profound changes across all industries, including the business sector. As the modern market evolves, various things have to change, and firms have to adopt new strategies to maintain and improve their brands. One of the factors affecting the industry is working remotely.

Working remotely is not a new culture and has provided several people with income even before the covid-19 pandemic. Today, many people are embracing remote selling on a full-time basis. Remote sale involves more than just changing your work environment and schedule. It involves having to communicate with prospects through virtual mediums like emails, chats, phones, and video calls. A salesperson would meet with prospects occasionally.

Since remotes salespeople don’t rely much on personal appeal and facial expressions, the latest equipment and tech makes remote selling easier. You are able to communicate with clients and workers using modern systems. Here are tips on how to close deals while working remotely.

  1. Adapt to your sales process and routine

How you have handled your clients before is an integral part of determining your success. Adapting to your unique way of interacting with prospects will help you improve on your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths. For example, if you use your phone most of the time in closing deals, learn how to improve your communication and interpersonal skills.

  1. Learn how to deal with obstacles

Selling remotely and selling face-to-face could have different challenges. As you continue working remotely and interacting with different clients, you will know where the problem is. Over time, you’ll notice that a number of clients may be complaining about the same thing. Also, you may face new obstacles every day. Being able to think on your feet will help you navigate these tricky situations.

  1. Stay social

One way to capitalize on the available marketing tools is to ensure that you are up to date with the latest trends and preferences. Engaging your audience on different social media platforms creates an opportunity for you to land more prospects. This also helps you connect with professionals like Winning By Design, who will assist you in increasing sales. Creating strong portfolios on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and YouTube will help you boost your sales.

  1. Learn tell-tale signs of potential prospects

Face-to-face sales are easier since you can tell if a potential client is ready to purchase a product or no. As you begin remote selling, you start to realize that personal appeal may be limited and that you have to be careful to notice if prospects are interested. One way of understanding remote sales better is taking down notes after every typical sales process.

  1. Be motivated

Building a strong relationship with your clients in any venture can be challenging. There will also be plenty of times where you don’t agree with your clients. It is improbable that you can overcome some of these challenges if you are not motivated to work.

  1. Have a sense of urgency

Closing a deal quickly is essential in sales. However, most salespeople take much time to explain a product and fail to close the deal. This said, it would be best if you created a sense of urgency with your clients. Clients tend to respond quickly when you explain the urgency of the matter.

Remote selling is easy if you acquire the right help. Seeking assistance from experts would help you with your workload, get more potential clients quicker, and gather qualified leads for your sales team.