5 Top Tips Guaranteed to Create Improved Customer Satisfaction Levels


5 Top Tips Guaranteed to Create Improved Customer Satisfaction Levels

by ICC on July 27, 2020
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Customer satisfaction forms the foundations of a successful business. All brands aim to attract, retain and build new customer markets to grow their reputations and profits. The best way to achieve this goal is to examine all customer touchpoints within and external to the company. 

Leave no process unexamined to extract greater customer value, or your competitors will leave you in the dust. Here are 5 of the top tips that are guaranteed to deliver on a memorable customer experience.


Customers want to speak to real people when they contact your company. They know they may have to wait in a phone queue but if they know they will be speaking to a real human, most can bear the wait. Always employ staff members who are attentive to customer needs. 

Training is essential to delivering quality services that leave customers feeling as if they’ve been heard. Friendly employees contribute toward making the customer experience one that they feel is worth sharing with their friends. Maintain a customer-focus at all times when you want to enhance their interaction with your company.

Use dedicated call center technology

Dedicated call center technology that is complemented with competent employees is a surefire way to please your customer base. 

Aceyus suite of solutions offers the right solution to deliver dedicated technology to maximize your ongoing customer touchpoints for excellent service delivery. Comprising comprehensive agent, customer and metric solutions, managers can keep on top of all operations with call center metrics.

Metrics allow ongoing monitoring of employee/customer interactions. Data is accumulated in respect of customer satisfaction levels, among many other points for analysis. 

Improvements can be best implemented when easily identified through accurate metrics. Accurate identification of problems enhances ongoing improvements when dedicated call center technology is implemented.


Customers appreciate rapid responses to their queries. Supportive technology enables employees to communicate rapidly with customers. Rapid communications and solution-provision indicate attention to delivering quality services. 

Fail to respond quickly to demand, and customers will quickly go to the competition. Offer inadequate responses, and customers will be equally dissatisfied with the way the company manages their patronage. 

If necessary, employ a customer relations representative who will manage this aspect of your business. Protect your brand reputation with employees who are well trained to focus on meeting customer needs as quickly as possible, and you’ll grow a reputation that differentiates you from the competition.

Personalize services

Nothing says ‘I value you’ more than personalizing your services for each customer. Software that recognizes customer numbers is one way to achieve this goal. Imagine calling a large organization and the agent picks up the call and greets you by name? What better way to value customer business than by doing this. 

There are other ways to personalize services that are more familiar, like sending SMS messages for birthdays. Offering discounts for customer birthdays is yet another way to show appreciation of customer support. 

Customer loyalty and experience is greatly enhanced when the companies pay attention to the small but valuable personalization strategies available.

Avoid diversion tactics

If customers reach out on different platforms to have an issue resolved, train employees to deal with the situation. Customers become frustrated if they address an issue on social media, only to be told to phone or email someone else. 

Even if the employee at that touchpoint is not equipped to resolve an issue, they should contact those involved and report to the customer with a solution. 

Alternatively, employees should request the relevant employee to get in touch with the customer directly. It is annoying and unnecessary to have such requests diverted, which speak to incompetence rather than treating customers as the valuable assets that they are.