5 Benefits of Furnished Apartments for College Students


5 Benefits of Furnished Apartments for College Students

by ICC on June 9, 2020
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If you’re a college student, you will experience many benefits if you rent a furnished apartment, particularly if you attend a university in another state. This will provide you with a hassle-free moving and living arrangement and save you time and money. 

Thanks to innovations in design, pricing and features, you have access to affordable, furnished apartments near the campus in a community that’s likely to be full of amenities you can use. 

You don’t have to buy furniture

It’s likely that as a student, you have a long checklist of items you need to buy and take with you, such as clothing, a computer and much more. Beds, sofas, mattresses, desks and lamps are expensive items to purchase and this is why moving into a furnished apartment can really save you money. 

As a college student who may be pinching pennies, hiring a professional mover to move your furniture into an apartment can also be costly. Renting a furnished apartment eliminates this step. It is easy to fit all your possessions, such as books and clothing, into your car and even making a second trip is cheaper than hiring movers. 

The move is easy

You can simply arrive and move in without any hassle. There will be a bed, dining table, desk and sofa all ready and waiting for you. All you have to do is put away your personal items. This can save you a lot of time when you are facing all the stresses of trying to arrange your academic courses, buy textbooks and much more. 

You have the use of certain appliances and electronics

Furnished apartments usually include various essentials, such as a computer desk and chair for study purposes. They also include various appliances and electronics that you won’t usually find in an unfurnished apartment. 

When visiting the apartment, ask whether the appliances and electronics are included in the rental. You may have the use of items such as a coffee maker, toaster, and even a music system and television.

FurnishedApartmentsCincinnati.com offers short-term rentals and extended stay apartments in Cincinnati, Ohio. The apartments include various benefits in the rental price, such as modern furniture, washer/driers, flat-screen TVs and high-speed internet. 

You don’t have to pay utility deposits

As you don’t have to stick to strict dormitory regulations, you can utilize more electronics and appliances in your daily routine. One way to avoid paying many utility deposits is to rent a furnished apartment. Not all of them include utilities, but many of them do. 

You pay the landlord who, in turn, pays the utility company. Utilities all remain in the name of the landlord who carries the risk of non-payment. The landlord may expect you to pay a flat fee for utility use or expect reimbursement based on actual use. 

You may have the use of some great amenities

Some furnished apartments take college lifestyle to a whole new level with the use of amenities, such as being able to relax in a clubhouse, cook on an outdoor grill or use a fitness center. 

Furnished apartments for college students are usually located fairly close to campus so commuting isn’t a problem. However, that little bit of distance can give you a little bit of separation and more independence. 

You have more privacy and with an equipped kitchen in your apartment, you can prepare your own meals. A furnished apartment can come with everything you need to make you comfortable, provide your new home away from home, and take away the stress of moving.