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Jim is a true career technology pioneer with more than 40 years’ experience connecting people with career success.  His 360-degree understanding of career development in the Digital Age makes him an invaluable resource for both job seekers and businesses. His innovative research on career assessment tools has helped thousands of individuals find the right career path and thrive in rapidly changing employment marketplace.


Dave McNasby, CINO, ThinkOptimal, Durham, NC

For those seeking, arguably the most knowledgeable career specialist today, James Gonyea is that man. He has spent a lifetime bringing sensible, practical, meaningful processes to those areas of study, especially in the Arts and Sciences that are not labeled as vocational. The key to his success is the process he uses to coach and guide each student to his or her chosen career. Articulate, concerned, informative and enjoyable, that's James Gonyea.


Dr. William A. Cook, Ph.D., Professor of English, University of LaVerne, CA

James Gonyea has a passion for helping those who are trying to find their career path and their life calling.  He is patient, calm and utterly professional as he works with those who are struggling to find answers.  He has the long-standing expertise to guide folks from confusion to the perfect career.


Lynne Wolf, Career Specialist, St. Petersburg College

I have known Jim since 1998 when I became a content provider for the Online Career Center on AOL that Jim founded and managed. At all times, Jim has been even-tempered, organized, efficient, knowledgeable, and responsible in his relationship with me and others whom I’ve known who have worked with Jim.  Jim demonstrates his caring, competence, and his ability to communicate with people of all ages.


Paul R. Edwards, Partner, Paul & Sarah Edwards, LLC, Pine Mountain, CA

Jim Gonyea is a career development futurist.  He is the most insightful career planning thinker I’ve ever encountered, and I have worked with over 25,000 individuals.  Jim sees what most others have not.  Jim Gonyea shares the stage today with a limited number of career professionals whom I view as the leaders of our times.  I see Jim as the father of modern day online career development.


Larry Goldsmith, CWDP, P.E.T., Career Strategist

After years of struggling trying to figure out a career direction, I took a friend’s advice and asked Mr. Gonyea for help.  I was amazed at how well he knew how to help me.  After guiding me in defining what I wanted in my next career, I was able to pick a career that really matched me well.  If you are confused about your career, seek help from Mr. Gonyea.  He’s the real deal!


Alison West, St. Petersburg, FL

Jim has a visionary approach to career counseling and services, offering "big picture," forward-thinking solutions.


Dr. James Olliver, Provost, Seminole Campus, St. Petersburg College

Additonal references available upon request.

James C. Gonyea

Career Development Specialist

Voted "one of the most visionary and forward thinking leaders in career services today."


CSO 2013 Career Services Insights Survey

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