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Internet Career Connection
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My passion and expertise is career development.  With 40+ years of experience helping thousands of clients, I can help you:


  • Select a career goal that matches the real you.
  • Discover and define a career mission statement.
  • Develop a plan to reach your career goal or mission.
  • Find the right educational/training program and institution.
  • Draft your admissions application essay.
  • Find sources of financial aid.
  • Select a college major.
  • Craft a step-by-step winning job search campaign.
  • Develop an online career portfolio to promote your career.
  • Prepare a resume, cover letters and elevator speech.
  • Prepare for employment interviews.
  • Negotiate a higher salary.
  • Increase your career achievements, recognition, rewards and income without leaving your current job.
  • Become a recognized expert in your career field.
  • Develop additional income streams after retirement.
  • Publish your first professional book online.

Click here for a more detailed description of each service listed above.


Click here to learn how I guide my clients in selecting a career direction or finding their ideal job.


Assistance is provided via live online chat sessions using Skype, Google HangOuts or HelpOuts, WebEx or GoToMeeting.


Sessions are typically one hour long and are by appointment.  Session may be scheduled day, evening or weekends to accomodate all U.S. locations.


Paid sessions are $45 per hour and are payable via PayPal.


If you would like to schedule a session (or have a question), please use the Contact form.  Please describe what assistance you need or your question and I'll respond with directions regarding how to proceed or an answer to your question.


I look forward to helping you.... James Gonyea

James C. Gonyea

Career Development Specialist

Voted "one of the most visionary and forward thinking leaders in career services today."


CSO 2013 Career Services Insights Survey

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